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Transfer Documents to Kindle via Email

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Second generation Amazon Kindle have built-in PDF reader that allows you to read in the PDF formatting without converting.
Now, if you want to  transfer PDF or other Office documents from your desktops or laptops to your Kindle device just connect your device to your system using the USB cord provided.
Kindle device will now appear as a separate drive in “My Computer”. Send your file directly from the right click menu or use drag and drop.

Email your documents to Kindle

All Kindle users get a unique email address in the format Any files that you send to this email as an attachment will auto-download to your Kindle while you are in a Wi-Fi zone. When you mail you documents put the subject convert and your document will automatically get converted to Kindle format (.azw)
Where is my unique email address? Read on Amazon


Maximum file size- 50Mb
Number of file attached in a single mail- 25
If Wi-Fi is not available, you may also download files to your Kindle over 3G or 2G connection but Amazon will charge you a fee per download. The fee is 15¢ per MB while you download documents to the Kindle over 3G in the U.S. or 99¢ per MB when you download documents to your Kindle anywhere else in the world via 3G.
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