Thursday, 17 May 2012

Use a single password securely on all websites

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If you have an access to internet then, it only takes a year to have a hundred accounts. It is recommended to use a unique password for every site. So, that if one got hacked even then all others are safe. But human mind cannot remember more than 5 different passwords. So, you have strong passwords than you won't remember even 3 of them. Sometimes you don't even remember the sites in which you made your account. You come to know it when you are busy creating a new account and the website replies that an account is already associated with this mail address.

Now, a strong password means minimum of 8 characters in length and contains at-least one capital character (upper case), one small character (lower case), one special character and one numeric character. This is common sense in online world these days.

Wish we all could have a single password for every site without remembering and saving it. But today this is possible with a website called Password Chameleon.

With this service you need to remember only a single password.

Put your secret password and site address for example,, etc. It will automatically generate a strong password. And will generate the same every time you use it so no need to save it in a secure location.

NOTE- Remember site address must be exactly the same every time you enter. For example, if you entered then next time also put if you will put or with http or https then same password will not be generated. Even the end slash will generate a new password.

Apps are available for Android phones, Windows Phone 7, Windows Desktop and chrome browser.
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