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5 Best iPhone Games for Hardcore and Casual Gamers

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There are a lot of iPhone and iPod Touch games available in Apple’s App Store which makes hunting for the best games difficult. This article may serve as your guide in choosing the best games from thousands of available games. We scoured the App Store hunting for adventure games, cool brain-twister games, and shoot-everything-that-moves games to narrow down our huge amount of selections.

Before deciding of buying or downloading some free games for your iPhone, you should consider the fact that playing games will somehow lessen the battery life of your device. But there are different tips and tricks that will solve your problem about battery life, just use the power of Google in searching those tips and tricks.
Please be reminded that iPhone app developers and sellers bargain their applications with discounts from time to time. The price that we include here may not be the actual price once you visited the app store.

Are you ready? Let’s have a break and you may play the game of your choice right into your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Here are the 5 best iPhone games you can buy from the App Store:

1. Real Soccer 2009

Publisher: Gameloft S.A.
Price: $1.99 (full version)/Free (lite version)
Age rating: 4+
Real Soccer 2009 offers awesome gameplay and outstanding graphics; it's a must-have game-app for soccer fanatics, whether extreme gamers or casual players of this genre. The app renders on-screen controls that you can manage to perform varied tricks with the players in a span of 15-minute gameplay. Local Wi-Fi multi-player option enjoins Real Soccer 2009 in the Major League. If you want to try before deciding to buy this game, consider downloading the free lite version of the game.

2. Strategery

Publisher: Affogato LLC
Price: $1.99 (full version)/ Free (lite version)
Age rating: 4+
Eventhough this game looks pretty simple, Strategery is a strenuous game of invasion and defending strategy. You may try playing it at any of 4 difficulty stages, for about 20 to 30 minutes or for about an hour (warning: this game is surreptitiously addictive), single player or with up to five gamers in pass and play mode. Strategery naturally saves your current game and keeps a record of your win/loss statistics. If you want a no-risk test drive of the game, you may opt to get a free lite version.

3. Zen Bound

Publisher: Secret Exit Ltd
Price: $4.99 (full version)/Free (lite version)
Age rating: 4+
If the concept of enclosing rope all over a woody sculpture for enjoyment hooks you like crazy, then be prepared to be astounded. Zen Bound was able to make a practically boring action to become a fascinating challenge. This is best for casual gamers and is excessively tactile and features 3-dimensional graphics that bagged an award from the International Mobile Gaming Awards. In addition, Zenbound has a pacifying ambient sound effect composed by Ghost Monkey.

4. iDracula - Undead Awakening

Publisher: Chillingo Ltd
Price: $2.99 (full version)/Free (lite version)
Age rating: 4+
For hardcore and casual gamers, shooting-at-anything-that-moves is the right pastime activity. If you are one of those types of gamers, you'll seemingly stumble upon a natural (or supernatural) fondness for iDracula. With inherent controls, well-designed graphics, and an amazing soundtrack, iDracula will motivate you to slay monsters as quickly as possible.

5. Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid

Publisher: Ngmoco Inc.
Price: $5.99 (full version)/Free (lite version)
Age rating: 4+
Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid is the most anticipated series of the popular game Rolando. The follow-up game will give satisfaction to all players. Gamers use the iPhone's accelerator and its multi-touch features to control the movement in order to complete 45 levels. Rolando 2’s amazing visuals were developed by pop culture artist Mikko Walamies, and its sound effect comes via Mr. Scruff.
These are just some of the games you can buy or download for your iPhone or iPod Touch and if you want to explore for some more games, just visit the official store – the App Store.
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