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How to transfer files from one PC to another

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Whenever you transfer files from one desktop to another desktop or laptop via pen drive it takes a lot of time because generally pendrive provides you with speed of 4Mbps to 10Mbps. Moreover, the transfer has to be done twice.
Though windows has it own homegroup option that allows to join two computer, but it only allows access to Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents and Printers. Sharing printer is a positive point that homegroup has but has no advantage when taking this post title into consideration.
While transferring files or folders, the best option is when you have access to every drive of another's system and all of its folders and files.

How to connect two systems?

To connect two system use ethernet cable or two way USB cable. Using ethernet cable is better option than two way USB cable. Port speed of ethernet is 100Mbps whereas USB port offers only 10Mbps. Transfer rate is about 10-15 Mbps with ethernet.

How to transfer files?

Download and install ipmsg
Run the application it will automatically show user's system names of the systems connected. 
Right click to open the menu.

NOTE- Install 32bit version on 32bit Windows and 64bit on 64 bit Windows. 32 bit gets installed on 64bit Windows the application will work also but some text files will be transferred only.

I don't know my Windows version

To know whether your system is 32bit or 64bit, right click on My Computer icon and select properties or press and hold 'alt' key then double click My Computer icon.
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