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Advantage of creating a facebook fan page

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There are a number of advantages that you are free to enjoy after creating a Facebook fan page. In this post I will not be discussing the Pros instead I will provide you with data of what actually happens when you have a page and you manage to get some likes.

Facebook page provides you with an insight option where the page data is automatically monitored and shown to the admin of the page. Now my own facebook page had 176 likes. They may look pretty low but here is what they actually mean. On a general thought low number of total likes means low number of users that you have access to. But the actual number of users accessing are pretty high.

Now just relax and pull out the low number of likes on your page. Relax and have a look on the next figure that shows Friends of Fans.

Friends of Fans- Facebook defines Friends of Fans as The number of unique people who were friends with the people who liked your page. The insight data shown is of a single day and it varies greatly with every new like. All this makes the actual story a bit more different.
People Talking about this- The total number of unique people who have created a story about your page. A story is created when a user does some activity on your page like, liking your page or post, commenting on your page or post, answering any question you asked, responds to your event, mentions your page, tags your page in a photo, checks in at your place, or recommends your place.
Weekly Total Reach- The total number of people who have seen any content associated with your page.

The graphs in itself is enough to get a good amount of insight to your page but still you can go a bit more deeper by downloading the data.

The above image shows the Export button with which you can export your data in chronological order from your Facebook page.
While exporting you can select the date range, data type and file format.
Date Range- You can select the date range to import data.
Data Type- Facebook offers two data types in which you can download your data. They are Page Level Data and Post Level Data. Page Level Data shows data in accordance of net activity on your facebook page including likes, people talking about this, reach, impressions, searches, etc.
File Format- You can download the data in two formats .xls (Excel) and .csv (coma separated values).


You must create you Facebook fan page from day one. No need to wait for becoming a known brand. As a blogger I can get my blog and blog post exposed and everybody else can do it too. It will increase the visibility. As in above screenshot 183 likes means durect access to 183 and indirect access limit is 66,839. Only 183 likes can get you 75 people engaged and can reach 785 people in only 7 days.
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