Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Create strong password that are easy to remember

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You maybe possibly having a good number of online accounts. But creating a unique, strong and secure password and remembering them is not an easy task. 
You may be knowing it well that a strong and secure password must be-
1. minimum 8 characters long
2. must have letters in both upper and lower case, a number and one special character.
3. must not be a dictionary word or common name.

But still one problem remains they are hard to remember and even after memorizing you forget especially in case of no log ins for long time. Then you find yourself busy in resetting password.

So here's a simple solution.
Generate your password in the form of mail id, like 23@Gh.com so it is easy to remember. You may also add a .com, .org, .net, or any domain. They do say to have different passwords for every site but in a recent security video from Facebook I found that you can have a similar passwords for different account but only if they are strong.

There are a number of password generator available online but the passwords are not easy to remember, they are created randomly and are not available later.
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