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Facebook's IPO and The New Game Plan

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IPO day for Facebook was victorious all the way around. While Wall Street, the media and the Facebook team's expectations were high, they were too high. With a rapid climb comes a hard fall. It wasn't long and they were all left with egg on their faces. What happened was a disaster for investors, both large and small. FB's stock prices were much higher than the norm; they hit record highs, as a matter of fact. But the "hoopla" was short lived. The drop caused repercussions with Nasdaq paying out millions of dollars because of the fall.

With a drop of almost 25% in stock prices, FB lost not only money, but they've also lost their #1 games designer and developer, Crowd Star. The new game plan- for Facebook to pick themselves up and move on, focusing on developing games for the world of smart phone users and the second largest games developer,, plans to get in on the action. They've been designing games for FB for the past eight months and they will continue to do so. knows that Facebook fans spend the better part of an hour playing games on their PC's and laptops, but does this mean they will on their smart phone? Probably, not, more like it, only a few minutes. Designing games for a smart phone will take some deep thinking and even some modern revelation. Smart phone users play a quick game while waiting for school to start, during intermission at a ball game, while waiting for the bus. They don't have time for a half hour game. What will come up with? And will they be able to make money?

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg isn't willing to give up either. He's looking for ways to polish up his company’s reputation and keep on keeping on. Zuckerberger is a self made billionaire, after all. He will continue to soar because he's not a failure. He and his company just had their heads in the clouds, along with several others. They had their hay day. Their losses totaled over $40 million dollars. What does this mean for investors? Experts in the world of trading suggest holding on to some but not all of their Facebook stocks. When the prices start to rise, then sell. They say that we shouldn't put our hope in IPO's. The gain could be sudden but the losses, disastrous. 

Facebook is the world's largest social media website with billions of members all over the world. Zuckerberg started the company in his college dorm room and it took off like a rocket. It's access to hundreds of thousands of businesses, both online and off is part of the reason, but normal folk have found a way to get personal with their family, friends, co-workers. You can find info about all kinds of services, including travel websites for info about the auto loans in Hawaii for discounts on your next vacation package and you can "like" auto loans on Facebook or "add them as a friend" to see photos of the beautiful sunsets and beaches. FB is good for more than just playing games, after all.

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