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Get traffic from Russia and other countries

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I have been blogging for a long time. And maybe even you. After publishing post after post I realized that the major traffic came from USA and India. I thought that people of these two country used internet much more than others. It was a hard thing to believe though. How can such advanced countries be low profile net user.

So, here is the answers not every country uses Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are other search engines that are in their own language used by the people of that specific country. Like Russia uses Yandex, China uses Baidu, etc.

Now what is the solution to get even those users redirected or reach to your website or weblog via searches. It is simple try to index or submit your weblog sitemap to other search engines also or order them to crawl your's.

Dominating websites map by webempires

As you can see the above map it is very clear that Google dominates a major part of the world but still Yandex dominates entire Russia. So there is nothing bad to get your website shown in their search results.

How to do it?
The answer is - READ MORE
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