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how do i use pinterest- ways to use

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This is not a tutorial to show how to use Pinterest but this article showcases the possibilities that one can avail while using Pinterest.

Video board

Pinterest is widely known as a virtual pin board and thus is confused with putting images with a virtual pin on a virtual board. I must let you know that you can also pin videos from your website, weblog or directly from YoutTube. The best part to have a video is, it increases the ctr (click through ratio) because of the play button that is displayed as an image.


This is one of the best example you can easily get on Pinterest. The product is easily displayed with price in US Dollars. Any other currency can be used with same effectiveness. With this you can easily introduce your offline and online product(s) to a global market.


May sound a kind of weird thing but this too is possible. Jeannae Hwang, a Harvard business school graduate, created her resume on Pinterest. Well the concept is simple you require to showcase your skills and an eye catching virtual board is good for that purpose. Moreover, your talent will be liked and repined.

If you feel like there are other possibilities then let me know. It will be added in the post.
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  1. True enough! The name actually explains itself already. "Pin" whatever you are "interested" in. 

  2. Shubhashish Shukla12 July 2012 at 17:55

    Yes indeed! But those who are new know only to PIN images.