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How to recover gmail password- without alternative email id

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I forgot password of my email id and I never gave an alternative email to get my password recovered. Sometimes this happens.
For security reasons gmail asks to provide an alternative email id. In case of lost passwords they contact directly by mailing a reset link to your alternative email id. But you cannot provide an alternative if you are setting up an email account for the very first time.
But still your password can be recovered. This is a paid service but it is good if your mail id has important stuff.
1. Simply click, Cant' access my account> Select forgot my password.
2. They will ask for an email address where they can contact you.
3. They will ask you to fill the form below. This don't requires you to put the exact, rough estimates works good. They must be close.

4. This step can be skipped. But if you do remember anyone you contacted or name of label the n it is good to enter.
5. After completing all these steps a letter will show up telling you the time within which you will be contacted. It is generally 3-5 business days.
6. After they have verified the details provided by you, they will mail you a mail with a link to recover your password.
7. This link will lead you to a page where you are required to select the package. Package are given below.

Service Options

This service requires a non-refundable payment, which will not be charged until we send you your response.
Select between our prioritized recovery options *Standard service: Submit your information through an online form and receive a response within 3 days. US$ 1.00
Phone assistance: Speak with an account specialist via phone Monday - Friday between midnight-5pm Eastern on a US toll-free number. International calling rates will apply if you are outside the United States. You will receive a response via email within 3 days. US$ 2.00.
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