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Job Seekers Creating Resumes On Pinterest

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Traditional resumes may not be a thing of the past quite yet. However, many enterprising and creative job seekers are using the popular social media site Pinterest in order to showcase their special skills, qualifications and job experience to prospective employers.  Pinterest is based on graphics which means that individuals can enhance their resumes with eye catching infographics, photos and even videos. Is this really an effective way of finding a job? Or is it just a mere fad? Let’s take a look at how some job seekers are using Pinterest in order to market themselves online.

Harvard Grad Creates One Of A Kind Resume  

Who would have thought that it would be possible to solicit for a job and create a resume with Pinterest? Jeannae Hwang, a Harvard business school graduate, did just that. Jeanne created boards showcasing her assets, skills, and personal hobbies with the purpose of getting hired at Pinterest.   Some of the images are linked to her Tumblr blog with a detailed explanation of the image at hand. Jeanne isn’t the only person to make use of Pinterest in order to create a resume. Other users have found rather creative ways of using the site in order to create creative and one-of-a-kind resumes.

Visuals Are Key

Since Pinterest is a visually oriented site, it is the perfect way for users to showcase their portfolio and work. Photographers could possibly create a board showing off their most striking photos while web designers could pin their most creative and compelling works. Individuals who are looking for jobs in marketing, social media or any visual medium could benefit from having a Pinterest style resume.  

Pinterest Job Resume Tips

You may want to create different boards highlighting your past experience, qualifications and education. For example, if you attended a military university you could create a board with images of the school grounds or one featuring extracurricular activities you were involved in. You may also want to create a board that showcases your personal interests and hobbies in order to lend your resume more of a personal touch.  
Creating a creative resume on Pinterest won’t guarantee a job by any means but the fact is that you never know for sure until you try. At the very least it will make job hunting a bit more fun and allow you to use your creativity. If you create something truly unique it is almost certain to get repinned and could possibly go viral and lead the way to more opportunities .
Written by Janalise Starr - Janalise is an avid social media user and marketing and branding expert. She currently resides in Southern California.
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