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Now spy devices will be hovering over our heads

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Many of us are now rethinking over the thing that technology has made our life safe and easy and secure. After the introduction of the military grade cameras by Apple and Google, privacy advocates fear that these cameras can even look inside their houses and invade their privacy like never before. These cameras are indeed very powerful and can show pictures that are up to 4 inches wide. Further putting privacy at risk, these hi-tech and military grade cameras will be filming through skylights and windows.

Privacy at stake

What is particularly disturbing about this technology is that people will not even figure out that they are being photographed with these cameras. These spy planes, as they are called might also be attached with planes and helicopters for photography.

Google has till now been using satellite devices to produce the Google Earth images. With this technology, it will be producing 3D maps that will be more detailed. No locations have been revealed so far, however it is confirmed that Google has released these spy planes to start filming. Moreover, Google has also claimed that it will be producing 3D pictures of many towns and cities with a total population of 300 million.

Along with privacy safeguards, Apple introduced latest mapping applications for iPhone as well as other devices. The maps produced by these spy planes will take pictures of tall buildings from different angles and then produce a 3D image. Apple claims that it will be using cameras with greater resolution than the ones that are already being used. Because of this low resolution, a lot of information is lost.

Now let's take a look at the darker side of this technology. People should be aware of the fact that the aerial maps produced by this technology can photograph things that are up to four inches wide. Apart from this, these spy planes can also peep into the back lawns of people and take their photographs while they sunbathe and relax. You can expect an Apple or Google plane over your head to be taking your pictures any time.

It has also been reported that Apple had been using Google for the mapping services that it provided its customers. However, last year the company made a deal with C3 Technologies that is a company that provides 3D mapping. This technology has been developed Saab AB, which is an aerospace defense firm. Before Apple bough C3 Technologies, the company had already mapped around 20 cities. Now more will be mapped with the back of Apple.

On the other hand, Google has confirmed that it has sent the spy planes for photographing in about 20 cities that also includes London. Apple, meanwhile has been reported to have tested some locations for the release of these spy planes.

We have yet to see what the consequences of this race between Google and Apple would be in terms of providing the customers with aerial maps that will show indeed detailed 3D images of the buildings.
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