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Submit a guest post on b listed blog

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As a blogger you may be knowing about the importance of submitting a guest post on another's blog to gain visibility and create back links. But your guest post will not be accepted directly in the first attempt by blogs and bloggers that are categorized as the A-listers.
The so called A listed bloggers are Problogger, Copyblogger, etc. So there is no point in wasting time with them in the very first attempt. The problem ranges widely-

  1. No good quality post
  2. No good headline- Your mails never get opened because you fail to create a tempting headline.
  3. Mails never get opened- These bloggers receive hundreds and thousands of mails that include general discussions, problems and guest posts. So the mails are not even opened and they are sent to trash.
  4. Already discussed content- You may be up with a very good post having quality content but the topic discussed in your post is already discussed in theirs so they refuse it. I got two post refused from problogger the same way. But I was still happy to receive a reply.
So here is the B-listed blog to accept you guest post-
Sector Techno- This is my own blog and I discuss a variety of topics here. Below is my niche chart.

The blog is active and carefully managed. I wanted to include other blogs too. So if your blog is good and active then mail me name and link of your blog and a little brief of your niche to me. I will include them too.
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