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What to submit as Tax Information in Google Adsense

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I was on Paypal some days before. It now requires to update tax information. And in that it requires to put your PAN card number. So I thought similarly Google Adsense will also require to give your PAN card number. But actually it will never ask for PAN card number.

What to submit as TAX information?
The process is very simple just click on SUBMIT TAX INFORMATION button. It will open up a form that you need to fill up. In that there are two simple steps.

1. The first step involves answering three simple questions.
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NOTE- If you are running your weblog on free host like blogger then choose Yes in second question.

2. Digital Signatures- You are required to add a digital signature by simply adding name of the publisher. The one who holds the Adsense account.
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3. Thank You letter- This is not actually a step this is just a thanking letter will be displayed by Google.
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