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10 Awesome iPhone Dental Apps for Dentists

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People who work in the dental profession, or those who just have an interest in keeping their teeth in good condition, may be pleased to know that there are actually plenty of apps available for the iPhone which will help. Here are just 10 of the best currently available.

Pediatric Dental Expert

This is an app geared towards giving you information about how to deal with the dental issues which will face children, although of course it is ultimately intended to provide guidance to adults who can then act on it.
Covering typical dental emergencies, standard home care and even orthodontics, which includes advice on braces, it will give you plenty of information and is free to download and use.

Dental Aid Lite

This app is targeted at professionals as well as patients as it goes through the main steps of a dental examination. It's useful for anyone who wishes to know what to expect at their next appointment.
This can help to take the fear out of a visit to the dentist and this free version also has a more comprehensive paid-for equivalent for those who are interested.

DentalXChange Activity Snapshot

This is an app intended to help dentists who need to stay on top of their billing, as it allows you to compile a list of the treatments and transactions that you have carried out and also helps you to handle claims and other important financial matters.
It's so useful that dentists with BlackBerry SIM free handsets will be wishing that they had invested in an iPhone.

Dentistry ProConsult

If you are currently a dental student then this will be a good app to get. It has been developed by Georgia Health Science University and comes with detailed information to help you revise procedures and practices associated with your studies.
This app is free to download and will be very helpful with revision, although even non-students will be able to appreciate its features.

Dental Tree

This app is intended to give patients a better appreciation of how dentistry works and how they can generally keep their mouth in good order to avoid emergency treatments.
Its simple interface is based around a branching tree, with individual sections dealing with how to identify problems, how to improve oral health and how to make the aesthetic presentation of your teeth better.

Dental Expert

This is the full adult version of the app aimed at children and gives you a broader array of information and more facts on dentistry.
It answers common questions which patients and dentists might have, giving advice on how to deal with the anxiety of facing dental treatment and also letting people know how to manage tooth pain.

Dental Manager

For private dentists this app will be useful as it is designed to let you work out treatment plans and then calculate how much the patient should be charged.
Integration with the patient-management aspect of dentistry means it is easy to contact people to let them know what treatments they need, when their next appointment is due and even when test results have arrived.

Dental Plan

Many people may not feel comfortable with visiting the dentist for a number of reasons, but this app will help you maintain healthy teeth and gums without having to undergo regular stressful and costly sessions.
It also integrates wider healthcare advice and even optometry, so it will be a good all-in-one app for the health conscious.

Dental Removable Partial Dental Design

This app is very much aimed at the experts, since it allows you to digitally develop a design for an RPD based on the cast taken from a patient's mouth.
It is very technical and aimed at professionals and also dental students, so casual users might be a little lost when examining the tools that it offers.


This premium app comes at a premium price, but should be easily integrated into the budget of a professional practice.
It allows you to view a deep library of visual tools that cover a number of different categories within the world of dentistry. It provides an excellent reference library for those in the profession.
With a wealth of both free and paid for dental apps available for iPhone users, there is nothing to stop patients and practitioners improving their knowledge of the subject. Just make sure that you choose apps which suit your skill level.
Author Bio: Sarah James is writer and reporter who contributes to a range of publications and is a specialist in mobile and computing technology. She is currently researching the new BlackBerry SIM free smartphones destined for a 2013 launch.
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