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5 Great Sites to Find Recipes

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Whether you enjoy cooking for yourself and experimenting in the kitchen, or if you have an entire family to feed, searching online for delicious recipes is free to do and allows you to get creative with the ingredients you already have stocked in your own kitchen.

All Recipes

All Recipes (, is a free online cooking website and a community that boasts thousands of homemade and professional recipes. All recipes on the site are free to use and browse, and the community allows users to register and become members to have a virtual "recipe box" and to create an identity on the site as well. There is also a premium membership option for additional tutorials and features to utilize while you are browsing the site, ideal if you cook frequently or if you are a professional chef.

Food on the Table

Food on the Table ( is an online cooking community that allows you to not only find recipes, but also to find local stores near you to easily generate recipes based on sales and the ingredients you prefer to use while cooking in the kitchen. Food on the Table includes a full list of weekly sale items regardless of the city you live in. You can also view what others are cooking on the site and saving money on to help with keeping on track with your own budget.

Food Network

Food Network ( is another website that is ideal if you are searching for "as seen on TV" type of recipes. If you have the Food Network at home, you can compare recipes you have watched on television by visiting the website, all for free. You can also search for recipes based on the chef you've seen prepare the food on a cooking show.


Epicurious ( is an online cooking website with thousands of recipes and articles based on how to cook, cooking techniques and methods, and understanding the tools needed to cook properly, regardless of your preference in cuisine. You can also look into wine pairings and seasonal fruits and vegetables depending on what you plan to cook.

Food Gawker

Food Gawker ( is an online social community that allows users to find recipes from all over the web to create a large image board compilation of the options you have available based on trending and popular recipes as well as based on specific keywords you are searching for as well. You can use Food Gawker to not only discover specific recipes, but also to find new and exciting websites filled with plenty of cooking techniques, methods, and recipes for you to choose from for your own household or family.
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