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Amazon Is Planning To Sell Its Own Smart Phone

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It should no longer be surprising if you will be reading reports that there already several smart phones in the market today more so about the reports that more than half of the Americans own a smart phone as their reliable and handy device.

With the increasing demand for these devices, more and more companies whether hardware, operating systems, mobile phone manufacturers, are taking advantage of this circumstance by creating their own ‘breakthroughs’ in the form of their own amazing smart phones. Each manufacturer attempts to create one with the standard features as well as unique ones that make their smart phone better than the other.

And if you think people had enough with the wide array of smart phones from the leading manufacturers in the technology industry, then you probably haven’t heard the news. Amazon will soon be joining the smart phone bandwagon by planning to come up with their own version of this popular device. This should not be an unfamiliar venture for Amazon for being the largest international online electronics company.

Reports say that Amazon is coordinating with Foxconn for its hardware and the smart phone will be operating with an Android operating system. Although they may be new to the smart phone manufacturing attempt, it has been pushing a considerable amount of effort to make it to the smart phone arena.

In fact, has already come up with their own version of the Android operating system that it will use for its smart phone, an app store where people can download applicable apps. With the accomplishments of their Kindle e-reader, they have certainly gained a lot of loyal customers who will look forward to their new smart phone. They have succeeded with their Kindle e-reader and their Android tablet, Kindle Fire which was also their first venture in to the tablet industry. Chances are great that they will penetrate the smart phone field pretty well.

However, since the market is already packed with a wide array of state of the art smartphones from the leading companies, standing out in the field of smart phones should pose as a challenge for Amazon. People may not expect them to surpass Apple’s iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S 3 but they should at least have a feature that people wished are present even with the most popular smart phone today in order to create an impact upon their roll out.

Amazon has also made some preparations before facing the battle in the smart phone industry. It has recently hired Matt Gordon as their general manager for patent acquisitions and investments. This is for them to avoid getting lawsuits from their competitors.

Final Words

For a company to thrive, it should not focus on a particular product line. It should cater to the ever changing needs of people when it comes to the industry that the company belongs to. And this is what Amazon is trying to do. They may be deemed as joining the smart phone bandwagon but it is certainly their way of satisfying their loyal customers when it comes to their need for the ideal wireless device.
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