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How to Update the GPS Navigation on a Ford F-150 Truck

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The humble Ford F-150 has come a long way in recent years, and is now starting to become a favorite vehicle with executive drivers and families, where before it was mainly sold to those who wanted a functional pick-up truck.  Due to the shift in the sales and marketing strategy by Ford in the late 1990s, the Ford F-150 is now being seen in the inner city and in corporate car lots all over the United States.  Because of this shift in the user base, Ford have had to add some new features to the F-150 to help make them more popular in these markets, and one such aspect is the Ford Navigation System.

The Ford Navigation System Requires Annual Map Updates

The Ford F-150 Navigation System is one of the most reliable on the planet, and that’s no surprise considering that it is powered by Garmin technology and comes pre-loaded with Navteq mapping.  This means that it has an easy to use interface, and clearly spoken directions that are both accurate and safe.  However, there is one issue with it – and that’s because the GPS maps will frequently become out of date over time due to changes occurring on the North American road networks.

New Navteq Maps are Available on DVD

Thankfully new GPS map updates are released once a year for the Ford GPS system and they can be purchased online from the Navteq Navigation Store.  New Ford Navigation System updates come on a DVD or CD disc set depending on which model of the Ford F-150 you drive.  The latest updates are called the Ford Navigation DVD 2012 and usually retail anywhere up to two hundred US Dollars depending on which region coverage you are looking to purchase.

Comes with More than Just Map Updates

The new Ford Navigation DVD does not just contains map updates – it also comes with restaurant reviews, accommodation locations, an ATM database, as well as millions of points of interest files all that are bundled up free with the latest 2012 DVD.  If you decide to buy yours online today then this is how you update your Ford F-150 Navigation System.

How to Install Ford Navigation System Updates on an F-150 GPS

  1. Insert the new Ford Navi DVD into the entertainment console disc drive.
  2. Click “yes” when prompted to update the maps.
  3. Enter in your own serial number (which is printed on the DVD itself).
  4. Let the new Ford GPS map updates install – should take about 20 minutes.
That’s really how simple it is, but you must pay careful attention to not turn the Ford F-150’s navigation system off whilst performing new map install software upgrade and updates.  If you do turn the device off during install then you might need to take the Ford F-150 to an official dealer to do a firmware update on the system as an interrupted install has been known to knock some of the software out of sync – requiring a technical fix that’s usually beyond most drivers and owners.

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