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How to change default search provider in Internet Explorer

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Whenever you type text in search bar of a browser and hit enter, the typed text is searched over internet using a search provider like Bing, Google, etc. Sometimes, while installing some software, the software asks to change default search provider to their own search provider. If this option is left checked then default search provider changes automatically.

Default search provider in IE

IE has Bing has default search provider. 

How to change search provider in IE?

1. Open your IE.
2. On top right corner just adjacent to address bar you will find search bar.

3. Open the drop down menu and click Find more providers.
You will get redirected to Add-ons tab of Internet Explorer's Gallery. From there select desired search provider and click.

Now, click on 'Add to Internet Explorer' button
4. A window will pop up. Select to make it default or not. And whether to use search suggestion from this provider or not.

In case you already have your selected search provider installed. The window that pops up will show the message. In this case you will find search provider in search bar's drop down menu. Click to select your already installed search provider.

How to make my search provider default?

If you want to make your selected search provider default, then click on 'Manage Search Providers'.

Click to enlarge image. Image is blurred click to see the text clearly.
Click on 'Set as default' to make it default and 'Remove' to uninstall it.

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