Tuesday, 31 July 2012

London Olympics 2012 Medal Count and Schedule on Google

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The advertising area of Google searches is showcasing London 2012 Olympics details. The detail contains Medal Counts and Schedules of past, Live and forthcoming events to be held at the London 2012 Olympics.

Along with the medal counts the rank of every country is displayed so that you know where your country stands and pray for better and expect for more golds and silvers. Google tracks your country and shows your country at a fixed position in medal count frame. Google knows everybody loves and is proud of his nation.

Though this advertising area will show Olympics medal counts and schedules only when Google is searched for any thing related to Olympics like London, Olympic, etc.

The Best thing is that the details get updated faster than the official London 2012 Olympics site. The medal count and schedule events frames have scrollers so there is no need to scroll the entire page up and down to get access to details.

Every past events is marked 'completed' and current events are marked Live: with details. If you will search Google for keywords like 'Medal Count' and 'Olympic Schedule' then the respective frames will get displayed on top of search result.

The bottom most section of this showcase has the link to Google+ page of London 2012 Olympics and it is being updated actively. So you can have a glance of what's happening in case you are busy with you daily schedule.

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