Friday, 27 July 2012

Necessary conditions to do online transaction via debit card

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In accordance to PNB (Punjab National Bank). There are two necessary conditions that you must fulfill to do online transactions using your debit card.

These two conditions are-

1. Registration of mobile number for SMS alerts
    You can do SMS alerts registration through any of options below-:
    1. Calling our customer care toll free number 1800-180-2222 or
    2. At any ATM (selecting option as OTHER SERVICES)or
    3. At any branch.

2. Registration for 3d secure service
    Please go through below steps to register for 3d secure service -:
    1. Please visit
    2. Choose the link "PNB 3D secure service"
    3. Register your PNB Debit card for 3d secure service.
    4. Create your own 3d secure PIN.

You can also directly search Google for "3D secure [your bank name]". In case you have an account with any other bank. Do make a call on Toll free number provided on the back side of your debit card. You can use the mail id also if given.

Note- Online Banking and online transactions are two different ways that lets you deal with your bank account online. The online banking requires you to fill a form and submit it in your bank, after that they will hand over your password and username.

How to register on 3D secure?

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