Friday, 6 July 2012

Send message via bluetooth in Nokia devices

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Sometimes you are extremely low on balance and possibly don't have a message voucher to send low cost messages. If you are a college grad, you may find at-least one friend who still wants a joke that you just narrated. If you have a Nokia device then you can send via Bluetooth after going through following steps.
I currently own Nokia devices only so I don't know if these king of features exist on other company's devices or not.

1. Open the desired message in editor.
2. Go to options and select "Mark all" and copy all text.
3. Now return to home screen.
4. Go to Menu> Organizer> Notes.
5. Select "Add note".
6. Go to options and "Paste" and Save.
7. Now go to options and select Send note> select "Via Bluetooth".

You are all done.
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