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Top 8 Pros and Cons of Android Jailbreak or Rooting Android

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It was the iPhone which popularised the term 'jailbreaking', which essentially means removing manufacturer restrictions in order to load custom, unsanctioned software on to your device. But what are the pros and cons of doing this with Google's already fairly open Android platform?


Network Liberation

Many people choose to root their Android smartphones because they no longer want to be shackled to whichever network provider subsidised and provided them with the handset in the first place.

This means that your phone will no longer be locked into using SIM cards from a single carrier and you can explore the best broadband on Broadband Expert`s website using a data connection from any of the available providers to get the most affordable mobile experience.

Early Updates

Another reason to root your Android device is that you will no longer have to wait around for a manufacturer and then a network provider to approve the roll-out of the latest version of the Android operating system, which can take months.

You will be able to add subsequent iterations of Android at will and get early builds before anyone else, with no delays to endure.


A rooted Android phone can be used in conjunction with a large array of software that would not be available to standard users.

You can customise your user experience to a far greater degree with apps and services that unlock the potential of your hardware and even set up your phone to boot more than one operating system if you wish.

Stock App Removal

This customisation can give you the ability to remove any app that you wish, which includes the programs that are normally included by default and are impossible to delete from a standard Android build.

You may want to erase or modify services that your handset's manufacturer or the network provider has added so that your phone runs more smoothly or simply lives up to the expectations which you place upon it.


Warranty Issues

What puts most people off the idea of jailbreaking or rooting an Android phone is that doing so will usually void the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

This means that if something goes wrong with the phone you will be liable to cover the costs of repair or replacement, even if the problem has nothing to do with the act of rooting itself.

Software Faults and Instability

Another issue is that there is no guarantee that the rooting process will result in a stable and consistent user experience on your phone, as is the case with official software updates and the factory settings,

It is possible to experience abnormal phone behavior after rooting, particularly if the process has not been properly completed or if there are innate issues with it on your particular device.

Instability can also be caused if you use rooting to over-clock your phone's processor so that it operates faster than its stock settings. This can improve performance, but it can also result in downsides such as overheating, erratic software issues and even hardware damage.

Unavoidable Independence

Once you have rooted your phone, it will not be possible to receive subsequent Android updates direct to the handset over the air, which is something that is widely available to those who do not alter the pre-installed platforms.

This means that you will need to continue to update your phone yourself by looking for the latest rooted software and staying involved in the community.

Skill and Time

The final problem with jail-breaking or rooting your Android smartphone is that you need to learn several skills in order to perform the process and you will also need to invest your time in keeping your modified device up to date.

This may be too much for many people, who will choose to stick with the official, more restricted route rather than attempting to jailbreak their smartphone. For others, this challenge will all be part of the fun.

Ultimately you should only root your Android device if you are confident that you can do it safely and are willing to accept the consequences. It is an advanced process but is one which is enjoyed by large numbers of people who want a more customised user experience.
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