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Automatically add subject in your mails

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This tutorial is in accordance to Blogger but the HTML concept can be applied almost everywhere, if you have proper access to the HTML of the web pages.
Log in into your mailing account then try the two mail links below. Both the links will open your mail accounts Compose Mail section, but there will be a difference in both.
Now you have successfully figured out that Subject Field automatically gets filled when Contact with Subject is clicked.

How to do this?

If you are familiar with blogger. You know how to add a mail id.
  1. In the editor area, click on the Link button, select Email address and put the email you want to use in the respective field, click OK.
  2. Now open your HTML tab adjacent to Compose tab.
  3. Use Ctrl+F to find mailto: 
  4. The code you have to deal with is like "".
  5. Just after you mail id ends add ?Subject=Your+Subject.
  6. In case your subject is a word just type it. But in case your subject is more than a word and requires spaces in-between than use '+' symbol instead of every space.
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