Saturday, 21 July 2012

Google plus has recommendation bar

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Google launched its social networking site Google Plus. Along with Google plus came the 'g +1' button. Since then this button is being used to recommend content on Google by Google users. But now it has one more feature. Today I found that on hovering your mouse on 'g +1' button a small section shows up showing what is recommended on your site. This feature may still require a user to be logged in to publicly recommend but recommended feature will show even if you are not logged in.

This recommended section shows the post that have received at-least one +1 from a user. But as far as I have figured till now, the recommendation is based on priority-
  • number of g +1's that a particular post has received
  • the number of page views.
This section won't be shown if-
  • You already have +1'd  the post.
In such case the window will show a sharing section. You might be knowing how to use this sharing section. A thumbnail, a title and small content is automatically fetched from the article. Now you can share the article on your Google Plus page. You can choose to make this share, a public share or select which circle member can see this on your Google Plus page.

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