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Nokia 808 Pureview has outdated OS

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The markets most discussed Nokia camera phone 808 Pureview has outdated OS. Nokia developer team took about 5 years to develop this amazing technology and that is why it had too choose Nokia Belle (symbian), which has been considered outdated.

This choice has it's own advantages

Nokia Belle (Symbian) is highly efficient when it all comes to battery usage and other phone hardware. This operating system's efficiency lets the 1400mAh battery lasts for more than two days. Moreover, 1.3Ghz single cored processor works like 1.5Ghz dual core processor.


Now, the device has 41Megapixel sensor. But the doesn't work out good image in 41megapixel resolution. So the device has an inbuilt feature that lets operator take image at 5megapixel and 8megapixel resolution. In these cases the device still captures in 41megapixel and compresses it down to any of the two selected resolutions. And here the device works out magic. The captured image now has higher details, sharpness and less noise.
The camera has a mechanical shutter, just like any DSLR. Fixed aperture of f2.4, neutral density filter for better colors. It has a xenon flash and 5-element Carl Zeiss glass lens.


The device has no negative points if you love photography, else-
  • Phone is bulky.
  • Consumer prefers Android and iOS as it has very good app support.
  • Nokia Belle has limited apps available.
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