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Resize blogger post image

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Putting image in a blog post adds beauty to the post and makes the readers read. You can display your image in 5 different sizes that Blogger offers. The size table is below:
Blogger Image Default Sizes
Size Measurement (Width)
Small 200px
Medium 320px
Large 400px
X-Large 640px
Original size Will display actual dimensions of the uploaded image


The problem occurs when you try to use X-Large image size. Every blogger uses custom free and sometimes paid templates from net. These template have blog post area of width less than 640 pixels. So whenever X-Large image size is used the image get curtailed off at sidebar area.


The only solution is to override the default image sizes to fit your blog.

How to override?

1. Upload the image and choose any size except original size.
2. Click on HTML tab just adjacent to Compose tab in blog post editor.
3. Use Ctrl+F to find the image by name in HTML editor. [Note- the spaces in between the uploaded image's name are replaced by '+' sign].
4. Just after the image's name width is mentioned in pixels. Override it to fit you blog to best level. 
[Note- aspect ratio of image is maintained. So change the width only, height will change in accordance to aspect ratio.]


There is only one disadvantage of re-sizing image that too under one condition. The images that contains text get upon re-sizing will produce blurred text.

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