Monday, 9 July 2012

Resizing Image

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Every month about 301,000 people search Google for topic resizing image. About 12,100 people search for Image resizing softwares. Maximum of these are Windows user and thus they have ultimate resizing tool that comes with Windows, that is, Paint.


1. Open your image in Paint.
2. Select Resize option in Home Tab.

3. Select Pixels or Percentage.
4. Select or deselect the Maintain aspect ratio option. [What is aspect ratio? It is the ratio of length to breadth of the image. After selecting it your image will maintain aspect ratio when resized].
5. Put the values and click OK. Your image will get resized in a jiffy.

In case you don't want to add any values.
1. Open image.
2. Select 'Select' option. Pres Ctrl+a to select entire image. Now there will be three square shaped marker click and drag them to resize. (NOTE- Aspect ratio is not maintained.)


Other software that allows you to resize are "Picasa" and "Paint.NET".
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