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Top 3 Sources for Online Legal Forms

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Not every case requires that you hire a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer can cost you thousands of dollars, and if you are not careful, even more money. Some people do not realize that even cases where a lawyer is taking a contingency fee require an upfront fee of $500 or more. You can save yourself from having to hire a lawyer when you have simple legal situations to address, such as filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or dealing with a personal injury lawsuit over a small sum of cash. To be your own advocate, you will need to file all of the appropriate paperwork with the court. It is always a good idea to read through the laws and statutes for your state so that you understand which forms the judge will require for your case. If you fail to include even one form with your case packet, then the judge may dismiss your case. Here are the top three sources that you can use to find legal forms for your case.

Legal Zoom has been at the center of some controversy during its lifetime. The case was recently at the center of a lawsuit a few years ago, when the American Bar Association was deciding whether the website violated the Rules of Professional Responsibility. After the decision was made that users did not obtain legal advice from this website, the website continued to operate and serve millions of people. At, you can find a complete listing of the forms that you need for filing for bankruptcy and dissolution of marriage. You can also find business contracts, and you can even find agreements for creating a child custody plan. You should always double-check that the legal forms from this website are actually the ones that are required for your specific state. In most cases, this website is spot-on in helping you find the right legal forms that are needed for your particular state.

US Legal Forms

Consumers should be aware that is not a government website. Many people have the impression that this website is affiliated with the government due to its name. The truth is that this is the other major business competitor for The reason people choose to use is for its extensive collection of real estate forms. Whether you need a contract for a tenant or a purchasing agreement, you can find the real estate forms that you require at this website. You can also purchase "easy order" services that allow you to receive advice in choosing the right forms for your particular legal situation.

Court Websites

Your best bet is to use official court websites when you need to find legal forms. Judges tend to be biased against pro se litigants at the outset of a case, so you should be aware of this. If you use official forms from the government, a judge may have a more favorable disposition toward you at the beginning of a case. Court websites are usually thorough in telling you about the forms that are needed for your particular type of case. Be aware that you will likely not be able to obtain legal advice about forms from the clerks of the court. Clerks are under no obligation, and in fact are prohibited, from providing you with legal advice.
When you want to save yourself from paying high fees for a lawyer, pleading your own case can be an attractive option. With the right legal forms, you may be able to win your case, learn about the law and save yourself from paying thousands of dollars in legal fees.
Tricia Lancert is a criminal law paralegal and guest author at BestParalegalSchoolsOnline, where she contributed a guide to the best online paralegal schools.
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