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Top GPS Gadgets for Fitness Freaks

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If you are stuck for presents this year or want to give a fitness enthusiast something that they are really going to love then this article is for you. With the Olympics this year, most of the major electronics manufacturers have released some kind of GPS enabled fitness gadget but knowing which ones are loved and which ones are hated by athletes is a another matter.
Below is the top three GPS fitness gadgets that are creating the biggest buzz in the fitness community at the moment 

The Motoactv GPS Sports Tracker from Motorola

This is the first attempt by the electronics giant to enter the GPS watch foray and so far it seems to have been very well received by the fitness community.

This gadget allows you to track various aspects of your indoor or outdoor training using the GPS sensor or pedometer and can report a variety of useful information such as speed, location, distance, time, heart rate an calories.
The unit is touch screen and user friendly so those of you who are used to using an Iphone or Ipod will be more than comfortable using this. More importantly, you can also transfer songs from your favorite playlists to the unit so you have an MP3 player as well as a fitness tracker.

The Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS Watch

For those athletes who care more about the statistics than the fluffy features, this watch is one of the most advanced GPS trackers in the business.

As well as touch screen, the watch records over 50 different live training metrics and you can customize each and every screen using the intuitive user menu. This means that you can setup different views based on your chosen sport and can therefore can really target the training information that you use.
The one downside to this GPS watch is that it is a not waterproof and therefore you might want to look at something else if you want to take your watch swimming with you. 

Suunto Quest Explorer Watch

The Suunto Quest is an advanced exploration watch that can be paired up to a separate GPS pod depending on what kind of statistics you need to report. You can setup a tailored training program online using the advanced MovesCount portal and this watch also allows you to share data across a variety of social media sites.

If any of the above gadgets have taken your interest and you would like to find out more then take a look at the motorola running watch at or carry on reading some of the excellent posts on this blog. Thank you for reading this GPS watch post from a London Blogger.
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