Sunday, 29 July 2012

Watch Olympic 2012 Live on YouTube

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Broadcasting live on YouTube was released some year(s) ago. But this is the time to enjoy this feature to the fullest. Olympic Games are Live on You Tube. 

Now, it may all depend on your budget. If you have a high speed plan you can stream Olympic games from 240p to 1080p quality. You can also change the Audio Track. Track available are Natural Track, Spanish and English. So, you can listen to the broadcast in you language or the tack as it is from the stadium.

Just on the right side panel you can see the scheduled games list. You can filter them using sports or country in case you don't want to miss some special or precisely your favorite games.
The schedule date and time are shown in your own time zone. Here in the image you can see that time is being given in IST (Indian Standard Time). So no confusion from YouTube side, that can possibly cause if the time is being displayed in GMT, or according to London Clock.
So know the time so that you don't miss the best for you.
In case you do have missed the game. Even then no need to worry. The recorded broadcast is always available and that too just below the YouTube's video Panel. So you don't need to go to YouTube's homepage to search for your favorite broadcast.
Share buttons of Facebook and Twitter are also available so that you can share the Live broadcasts with your friends and college buddies.
Google's g +1 recommendation button is also available to give some recommendation.

This is the recorded video panel placed just below the video panel for a very easy access. So enjoy Olympics online.

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