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Generate QR Code with your smartphone

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What is QR code?
QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. QR code is a matrix code or simply a two dimensional or 2D code that can represent information.

QR code was designed for automotive industries but has become very popular today. You can find these codes in ads and promotional offers published in news papers and magazines. The advantage is that any smartphone user can just click an image of the code published in newspaper or through any other medium. The image is scanned and details are searched over internet and the user lands exactly where you want, for example your product page or home page. Well it is more advantageous to make them land on a specific product page.
If you are running any online or offline business then you can also have this QR code made for you and that too for free with your own smartphone.

My QR Code Generator

After downloading and installing the application from Google play store. Open it and enter the data in text field area. There is a drop-down menu just below the text filed that allows you to select which type of data you want to enter. It is not necessary to put the exact data as selected from drop-down. This is just a UI privilege provided. After selecting the type of data you want to enter from menu a relative keyboard is displayed for easy data entry. For example, if you have selected URl from drop-down then the keyboard will have a '.com' and a '/' button to make entry easy. Similarly if you have selected phone from dropdown then a numeric keyboard will be displayed.
The application allows you to share the generated QR code over Gmail, Bluetooth, and all other installed sharing application like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram, Skitch. But there is one disadvantage it don't allows you to save the generated QR code to your SD card. But that can also be done if you have installed Skitch- an image editing app. It is all simple generate the QR code and share it to Skitch using your share button there you will get save to SD card button.

QR Code Generator

It works the same way as My QR Code Generator works just the interface is different. There is no drop down to choose just type whatever you want in the text box and generate the code. The only advantage it gives over My QR Code Generator is that you can save you code directly in your SD card.

QR Droid

This application is outstanding as it offers QR Code scanner and creator both together. More over it's not limited to making QR Codes from URL, text, mail id and numbers. It can create QR Codes from business cards, contacts, images, etc.

QR Droid

Images QR codes don't encodes image instead the image is uploaded to QR Droid's server and the QR code generated contains a link to that image. Limit is you can have your uploaded photo on QR Droid' server for maximum one month.

The input data is case sensitive so don't upper case and lower case alphabets will produce different QR codes.
In both applications the image will be saved in .png format.
Try zooming the generated qr code using your Windows Photo Viewer you'll be amazed to see that these small .png images can be zoomed up-to maximum limits.

According to me Qr code generated by Qr Code Generator is better in quality. Though both can be used because these codes are printed in small resolutions not in big.
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