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Top 5 Wordpress Plugins to Improve the Loading Speed of Your Blog

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One of the most important factors that could affect your blogs ranking in search engines is the loading speed; because, slower loading speeds would result in higher bounce rates and this would leave a negative impact on the status of your blog in terms of search engines.
There are plenty of aspects that would increase the overall loading time of your blog posts. Some of them include:
  • Images – Images are definitely a necessity these days and if you don’t have them, you’re surely going to be a blog people won’t want to return to. But, images also increase the load time. Hence you would need to optimize them.
  • Java scripts and not optimized databases – This is yet another reason for increased load timings and they could harm your blog to a point wherein you don’t receive any traffic at all from search engines.
Therefore, it is really important that you optimize your blog so as to increase loading speeds. Here are the top 5 Wordpress plugins to improve the overall loading speed of your blog.

WordPress Database Optimizer

It is really important that you organize your Wordpress database if at all you want to ensure faster load times. This plugin helps you achieve just that. Every time you delete a post or remove a plugin or maybe even delete a widget, there are tiny fragments of this data that still remains. This plugin would help you get rid of them all.

WP minify

In order to further increase the load speed of your blog, Wordpress minify combines multiple Javascripts or CSS files on your blog and removes any unnecessary comments as well as white spaces. In addition to this it further proceeds with gzip encoding as well as cache headers.

W3 Total Cache

This is a plugin that you should definitely have enabled on your Wordpress blog. It increases load speeds by a lot! It can do this because it caches almost everything that your blog needs such as the pages as well as images. Therefore, page views are really instant and don’t take time at all.

Lazy Load

What this does is it reduces the loading of images on your blog posts. Therefore the images that are further down the page don’t begin loading unless you scroll down that far. Therefore, the overall load time of their website decreases and hence the bounce rate decreases as well.


This plugin is certainly really useful if you’ve got a website or blog that utilizes plenty of images. There are many ways to reduce your page load time, but reduction of image sizes is one of the best. Every new image that you add to a blog post is automatically resized by so as to ensure that the page load times decrease drastically.

Therefore, if at all you want to decrease the page load times and your overall bounce rate, you would benefit by installing various Wordpress plugins that would be able to help you out.
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