Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blogger app for Android

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This is my first blog post typed and published via Bloggers application. The application is quit cool and offers maximum features that the web portal offers. You can put post title, post body, mark text and add hyperlink, put labels, make text bold, italic, underlined.
The features the application lacks are adding search description, permalink, changing the texts alignment. You simply cannot preview your post before publishing. Scheduling and a number of more features that web portal offers. After all it is an application limitations are obvious. But the future versions can be expected to have more options.
As soon as you log in, the application loads all the blogs associated with your account. Switching between the blogs is quit smooth and you can publish them very easily. Also you don't require to be online to create your posts.
The application does not offers changing fonts type, color, etc. You cannot make any text heading. So the only solution you are left with is saving your post locally on your phone when offline and as draft when online. You can make the required changes afterwards. This is a drawback but still you can complete maximum of your task and do the formatting later.
So overall it can be considered good for personal blogging. It is not good for the bloggers who blog to make living. Except in case of emergency.
This post is completely a work via Blogger application for Android. I am having internet problems because of which I am unable to access my blog via my desktop. It just saved me. And can save you too. Every blog post contains text and images. Thus, even a 2G connection will work fine from loading to publishing.

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