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Digg has a new interface- Digg v1

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Digg has updated its interface. The new look is black and white with colored images. This new version of Digg is called as Digg v1. Digg v1, as the team's official blogger says-
V1 shouldn’t be a better Digg, it shouldn’t be a better Reddit, and it shouldn’t be a better Hacker News. It has to be different.


The all new Digg v1 interface is divided into three sections the Top Stories, Popular and upcoming. Digg button is now on the home page just below every article showcased. The new looks looks great. They build up the new version in just 6 weeks as they announced.
A great work indeed but the work still is in progress. The submit section don't have categories or maybe the team has planned to remove categories. Moreover, there are no ad displayed in any way.

Social Networking

The tweet and Facebook social buttons are also available just below the submitted articles. But there is no Google plus share button till now. Only the top two social networking sites are included. 

Social Stat

Also social stats per article are shown as the sum of number of diggs, tweets and Facebook likes that the article has received. The share button concept is used very efficiently.

Digg Profile

The Digg profile that displayed the details like Popularity, Total submissions, daily submission is not available. Now there is no one to follow or get followed. Regular Digg users never liked the following concept and now it is removed with an entirely new approach. As a user I will say that Digg v1 must have a profile where a user can see a list of stories dugged by him/her and have a social stat for every article.

Official App

Digg has also launched it official application for iPhone. Possibility says that there will be an official release of for Android devices too. If not then it is no doubt that third party app developers may look forward in developing an un official version of application for Digg v1 for Androis devices. It may all take time but there will be some better news coming the team has just started with this new version.
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