Saturday, 4 August 2012

Era of Cyber updates- 2012

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The year 2012 can be marked as the era of cyber updates. A number of top online websites and portals got themselves updated.


Alongside with the launching of Google plus and Google Play. The entire of Google got an interface update for maximum of its services, like Google Apps, Gmail, Blogger, Drive (previously known as Docs), Calender, etc. YouTube is still has it's journey with its recent available layout. It had an update many years ago.


Facebook has also laid down the all new concept of timeline. Still timeline is under trial and is not available to every one by default. Except the new users who sign up have timeline as default. The new says that timeline will get activated to every user by September 2012. The timeline, from day one has never been appreciated among maximum of Facebook users. Well criticizing Facebook's layout changes has been a very common thing among maximum of Facebook users since it did it for the very first time. Then they all get acquainted with the new look and then start to appreciate it.


Digg also announced on 20th of July that they will rebuild Digg from scratches. And on 1st of August they made Digg with its new look live on web. Digg has a new interface- Digg v1. is a web mail service offered by Microsoft. This service is currently in review but reports says that it will replace Hotmail. The interface is quite cool and comfortable. Like Hotmail still offers to connect Facebook and twitter and users online via both services can be accessed directly from your mail box.

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