Friday, 17 August 2012

Facebook's friend request shows like

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This is the native way to see new likes that your Facebook fan page has received. This is the only way by which Facebook fan page admins can see when they receive new likes. New likes are highlighted with blue color. Well, till now I thought this is the only way, but now there is one more way to see new likes.

When you will open your Facebook fan page after logging in, you will see that the Facebook friend request notification will show likes as well as if you have new like you will see them in a very similar way as you see new friend request. This feature has been launched recently. I encountered this today. And so it is all here for you to see.

This is the list that opens when you click on friend request notification icon when on your Facebook fan page.

I won't call it an excellent feature because either ways are equally handy and provide you with ease to access.

This feature may still be in trial if you are not able to access this with your friend request icon. Even I just saw it once, possibly it will be live soon. Till then we probably have to wait.
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