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Hands On Review- BoomBotix Boombot2 Wireless Speakers

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The BoomBotix Boombot2 Wireless Speakers took the concept of vinyl toys and has added some more functionality to it. Although most of us, may never have been into the concept of a vinyl toy collectible, kids love them. The BoomBotix Boombot2 Wireless Speakers or the BB2 wireless speakers has Bluetooth function and can be customized to play music through your Android or iPhone device. It can also function on Bluetooth enabled MP3 players and laptops.
The BoomBotix Boombot2 Wireless Speaker is about 3.8 inches in width, 3.6 inches heigh and is about 1.8 inches thick. It weighs about 5 ounces  and is made from vinyl plastic. It comes with a belt clip that can be used to latch the speakers on to the users' dress. The belt clip is rather handy, especially when the kids are skateboarding, skiing or just hanging out with friends. It is also small to be thrown into a shoulder bag or backpacks as it does not require any wires and you don’t have to frequently charged (except when the Bluetooth mode is ON and the battery drains). Up on top of the BB2’s skull is the power button, and there are two buttons on either side for volume control. On its back are the belt clip, one auxiliary jack and a Micro-USB port (that is used for charging). The BB2 looks best when it is stationary. Although personally, I feel that the BB2’s design appears a bit quirky, more like a gothic skull the kids really don’t care as they consider it rather cool.
The price is about $65 and as it is mainly for the younger consumer segment. For this reason, the sound does not have to be great. It comes with poor bass but that is enough to satisfy majority of the kids. The weird things that kids seem to like have always been a bit of a mystery to me, but as long as they are kept occupied, no one really complains!
For most kids though, the BB2 continues to impress with its versatility, durability, and portability. Be it rain or shine, the little guy still has the juice to blast out surprisingly decent sound. The fact that it can be controlled through their iPhones and that it always gets a reaction from people; make the kids give it a 5 on 5 user rating.
The bottom line is that it may have a quirky skull like design, but it goes well with the youngsters and they have a good value for money. It is portable, rugged with reasonably good sound quality and has wireless playback (thanks to the Bluetooth function) with the battery lasting a real long time. However, a lot of people have complained about its poor bass quality and its awkward skull like design!
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