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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX10V Review

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When Sony released the DSC-HX9V, the predecessor of the HX10V, it was acclaimed as one of the most efficient and handy travel cameras of 2011. With the HX10V, the company seems to have raised the bar even further. It has a 16x Zoom and a CMOS sensor of 18.2 MPs. This means you can now shoot in dim light conditions and still expect good results.

The Looks

The HX10V has retained most of the styling from the 9V but is more futuristic, and is slightly more rounded.  But then of course, the company has a reputation for manufacturing products that look like they could be featured on the next issue of Cosmopolitan. The 10 V looks professional, but if you just want to capture your happy or funny moments, it will suit you just fine.

The lens is pretty big but the compact casing gives it a smaller appearance. The front hand grip lets you handle the camera with ease, and click pictures single handed. The AF assist is also in the front.
In the rear is the display screen, which is 3 inches and has a resolution of 921k pixels. Next to the screen are the buttons: multifunction jog dial, button exclusively for recording video, menu key and the usual digital camera buttons.  The button quality is good, except for the jog dial. The delicate button makes accurate selection of options a little dicey.

The modes like manual, program, scene, 3D, auto options and more, are on a dial on the top of the camera. Buttons to release the shutter, the zoom, and power button are all next to the mode dial. Flash is activated from the menu and not manually.  USB and HDMI ports at the bottom offer connectivity. The build, while no Van Damme, can still withstand a couple of falls.


It has an 18.2 MP count, which is a big jump from the previous 16.2. The 3½ inch sensor size does not let you have DSLR quality pictures, but the CMOS sensor is considered by many experts as superior than CCDs that most cameras have, especially for shooting in low lighting. You can shoot images at a 4896X3672 resolution.  What’s striking about this model is the Zoom Lens. At 16X, it is considered much above the average. It has an Image Stabilizer incorporated, which reduces the blur even if you click images that are far away.  For travelers and wildlife lovers, this is really great news.

There are plenty of shooting modes; the manual mode lets you customize the settings the way you want. I only wish they had also included shutter priority modes as well. The camera also has 3D and Panorama shooting. The Intelligent and Superior Auto modes let you take awesome pictures without turning your hair grey.

The interface is absolutely user friendly, and you’ll soon get the hang of it. You can also record Full HD 1080i videos at a speed of 60 frames per second, and you can use zoom while recording video too.
Images are stored in JPEG format and the camera supports a number of memory cards.

While this is a great camera, owners of the HX9V need not rush to trade it in for the 10V because they won’t really be missing a lot.

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