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Top 4 Gadgets for College Students

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Technology makes everything easier, even being a college student. Although having the latest and greatest gadgets won't necessarily ensure that you pass all your classes this semester, having them can certainly help. If you're going to be heading off to college or starting a new semester in college soon, consider investing in these top gadgets:

1. Monster Beats Headphones

If you're a hip college student who eats, sleeps, and breathes music, the Monster Beats Headphones by Dr. Dre Studio will probably be right up your alley. These noise cancelling headphones deliver stunningly crisp sounds and let you tune out the world around you, so you can immerse yourself in music while you study (and look cool doing it). Monster Beats headphones not only offer great audio quality. They're also really attractive and sleek. Selling for around $250, they're definitely an investment, but they should last you all four years.

2. Echo Smartpen

College students take a lot of notes, and keeping all those notes organized can be difficult.  The Echo Smartpen digitally captures all the notes you take on paper and sends them to your computer. With this pen, what you write down in class never gets lost and always stays organized. Plus, the Echo Smartpen can record between 400 and 800 hours of audio, which means you can give your hands a rest without having to worry about missing any of the important things your professor lectures about. This pen will cost you around $100. And if you think it'll help you raise your GPA, it's definitely worth the money.

3. Kindle Fire

It's easy to keep up with your reading as a college student when you have an e-reader. The Kindle Fire is an ideal choice for the college crowd because it provides access to tons of e-textbooks and e-books from the Amazon store and limitless entertainment opportunities from apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Pandora. The Kindle Fire is also ideal for students because it's relatively affordable in comparison to other tablets. For just $199, you can ditch the heavy textbooks and keep up with your class reading on a Kindle Fire.

4. Roku

If, like most college students, you can't afford cable, you may be wondering how else you can get your regular fix of TV shows. Luckily, you can stream your favorite shows to your TV using a Roku or other streaming media player. A Roku will cost you around $60, and subscriptions to Hulu Plus and Netflix will each cost you around $10 a month. Since most cable packages cost around $80 a month, using a Roku can save you a whole lot of money, which leaves you with more cash to spend on your education.
Gadgets won't determine your success and happiness as a college student, but they can definitely help keep you organized, efficient, and entertained. So, consider the gadgets listed above, and don't forget to study!
Author's Bio: Stephanie Brooks is a freelance writer and blogger who mostly enjoys covering all things education, including online universities and traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. When she's not writing, she can be found at the gym working out to Zumba and cooking healthy recipes at home. She welcomes your feedback.
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