Sunday, 30 September 2012

Facebook app- Chat upgrade

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Facebook's latest app version for Android got an excellent chat upgrade. Unlike the last version, where you have to navigate to chat using the menu, the new version has a docked chat tab.

Android application undergo a number of upgrades. These upgrades range from minor to major bug fixes, better functionality, interface changes. If you have used android then you do know that having a phone with all applications up to date is a hard task. Even I ignore a number of upgrades.

But this app upgrade is worth updating. The list of contact shown can be edited as per your like using the 'edit' button. You can use edit button to pin the friends you chat to most. After pining them to your list of favorites, you can rearrange them very easily. All you need to do is tap, hold and swap just like you arrange your playlist in music player.

If you haven't upgraded to this newer version. It's perfect time to do.

The chat window interface also got an update. The team has added bubble chat interface which makes messages much more easily readable. You can also jump to the mini profile of the person on other side. Where you can get to know all the information that the user has made public. This jump is made using info button on the top right corner.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Colour Tablets in The Sunshine?

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Looking to buy a new tablet device, but have you considered screen glare in the sunshine? Although we might have waved goodbye to the summer for this year, if you are jetting off for a winter sun break in the next few months or just anticipating a good summer next year, you might like to consider choosing a tablet with a screen that is easy to see in the sunshine.  What is the point of having a portable PC if you can’t make the most of a sunny day? Here we look at a few tablet PCs that use the newest screen technology to allow you to enjoy them without having to contend with screen glare.

Sol Tablet PC

This is a very reliable Windows 7 tablet, which has a 10.1 inch display; launched in 2011, it is made to go anywhere. Built using Pixel Qi’s sunlight readable display technology, you can be guaranteed that wherever you use Sol’s Tablet PC – even when in direct sunlight - you can expect to see its exceptional high resolution display in front of you. As the screen is now powered by its light source, the battery consumption of the tablet is greatly reduced, so you can look forward to 10 hours between charges. The tablet also offers a 1.3 MP webcam.

Inboxpad VQ A8388

This Android tablet also has a 10.1 inch display using Pixel Qi technology. It does however have a glossy screen, so while you will be able to read the screen, you are likely to still experience some glare when using it in ambient light. While the Inboxpad also sports a camera, don’t expect too much from it, as it only offers 0.3 MP images. Although it might seem an expensive purchase for a tablet that uses a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor and for its level of RAM and storage (512MB and 4GB respectively), compared to other tablets that possess the same Pixel Qi technology it is one of the cheapest available. If you particularly want an Android tablet to use outside this isn’t a bad choice at all. It is also a good option for anyone who is looking to use it to read e-books or online newspapers – where a longer battery life is of greater importance than a good depth of color; switching off the backlight on its Pixel Qi screen reduces its power usage by around 80%, while changing from full colour to almost black and white.

Evigroup PadPro

This 10 inch tablet uses Windows 7 as its operating system. Using the same Pixel Qi technology in its screen as the other tablets here, it is excellent for outdoors use. One of its selling features is its pressure sensitive screen and complete with stylus is the perfect choice for those who want to use their tablet device for graphics work. It has a great level of storage (160GB), ideal to save all the images you have created.

InHand Hydra-T3 Tablet

With the capability to run Android 2.3, Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows Embedded Compact 6, this 7 inch tablet, also has a battery life of 10 hours. The Pixel Qi LCD screen allows it to be used in direct sunlight and it also has an automatic brightness control. The Hydra-3 also features a 5 MP camera, microphone, output for a stereo speaker and vibration for use in haptic technology. This is a very durable tablet, having been tested to military specifications for the likes of temperature and immersion. It is aimed for use in an industrial, medical or military setting, which is reflected in its price tag.
Author's Bio: Beth writes tech articles for a phone repair school. She loves the latest gadgets but until Pixel QI gained some traction was always frustrated by her inability to enjoy full motion color in the sunshine.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Stumble Upon launches beta version

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As I stated before in one of my previous article that 2012 can be marked as Era of Cyber Updates, as a number of top online portals and websites are busy changing, retouching and redesigning their user interface. In the article I discussed a number of top online portals that have already gone under changes. Now, one more social media website Stumble Upon is busy doing the same and has launched a beta version which will be the future alpha version of stumble upon.

Basic conceptual looks and feel, are just like Pinterest.A colored bar metric, named StumbleDNA, is there that shows what percent of your likes are from which category. Like currently my likes are 35% computer, 12% outdoors, 5%media, and so on. Stumble Upon's official defines this StumbleDNA map as a way of expressing yourself by expressing what you like.

The best part is profile section shows Likes, Followers, Interest, etc. You can now have a look at who liked your submissions, an excellent feature for for bloggers. The stumble bar remains unchanged. Well it don't requires to be changed untill there is an entirely new way to Stumble.

The home page after login, displays content to stumble in accordance to four different filters based on the user interest, activity, trending stories, lists of other users.

To enhance following Stumble Upon has a Follow section that shows Interests, Stumblers, Lists and Channels to follow or you can use search bar to search any specific interest, user, list or channel. But the searches will be performed using the above four categories as filters.

Hiking GPS Review for 2012

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This hiking GPS review for 2012 will serve as a guide for people who want to find the best gear available. Whether you need a mid-range or high-end model, you have several products on the market that will meet your needs. Products in either category allow you to download maps of national parks and popular hiking trails so you can easily plan your trip.

The Garmin Nuvi 1690

Garmin leads the industry with several handy GPS devices. This manufacturer produces lightweight gadgets with a long battery life. The Garmin Nuvi 1690 is ideal for both hiking and automotive applications so your money stretches further. It has a battery life of four hours and gives you access to maps for routes all across North America.
With this gadget, you have access to real-time content and local search information via Google. While you are driving to your hiking spot, you receive lane assistance with junction view. It allows for hands-free calling and gives you audible instructions. This model is the best on the market in terms of cost and value. The price is set at just under $118. 

The Tom Tom VIA 1505 TM

The Tom Tom VIA 1505 TM is compact and measures only five inches. It is suitable for hiking and driving and gives you free live traffic updates for life. It provides you with map updates so you have the most current information on routes in Mexico, Canada and the United States.
At just under $145, the Tom Tom VIA 1505 TM is more expensive than Garmin’s Nuvi 1690. The advantage is that it gives you information on a few more roads than the other brands. You can also download updates that are posted by other users in the Tom Tom community and add these to your map.

The Nike + Sportwatch GPS

The Nike + Sportwatch GPS is ideal for people who do not want to carry too many gadgets around with them. It is an attractive watch and a good GPS receiver but it can be a little too bulky for people who are slim. It will show you the distance that you have hiked and you can display your journey and get a wide variety of statistics on it, including your pace.

This device unlike all those mentioned previously is completely waterproof. You do not have to worry about your equipment failing you if you get caught in a storm or have to swim across a river. The Nike + Sportwatch GPS is rugged and dependable and costs just under $145.
Author's Bio: This post was supplied on behalf of Simply Hike – The online Camping Supplies store and UK stockist of Hunter wellies.

Best Foodies on Twitter

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cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Jorge Quinteros

  Anyone with anything interesting to say is on Twitter. Unfortunately, there are also too many people on Twitter who don't have anything interesting to say. In order to separate the wheat from the chaff of tweeting foodies, here is a list of the best foodies to follow on Twitter:

People You've Already Heard Of

This is a list of those foodies you already know but for good reason. They can always take the conversation about food someplace new.
  • Jamie Oliver, @jamieoliver, almost 2.5 million followers No foodie or chef has more Twitter followers than Jamie. His feed is a mixture of food and cooking tips, as well as some of his favorite related topics, like eating healthy.
  • Anthony Bourdain, @Bourdain, more than 1 million followers He's as confrontational in 140 characters as he is on television.
  • Bobby Flay, @bflay, more than 616,000 followers This Iron Chef is his own media empire, with multiple television and Internet shows, as well as his regular Twitter feed.
  • Chloe Coscarelli, @ChloeCoscarelli, just over 11,000 followers She's the baby of the bunch, but as a vegan chef who won "Cupcake Wars," she's always got her own perspective.

Food Critics

Those who can't, criticize. However, that doesn't mean they don't have anything valuable to say. Here are some food critics on Twitter who can point you to new places or warn you away.
  • Ruth Reichl, @ruthreichl, more than 170,000 followers She can cook. She's a long time food journalist, including former editor of Gourmet Magazine and restaurant critic of The New York Times.
  • Adam Platt, @plattypants, almost 16,000 followers He's the old school restaurant critic for the New York Magazine who prefers to remain faceless. Fortunately, he can share his thoughts on restaurants and food trends on Twitter.
  • Gael Greene, @gaelgreene, more than 125,000 followers The first foodie has been a restaurant critic in New York City for more than 40 years.
  • Michael Bauer, @michaelbauer1, more than 20,000 If the critic list is too weighted to the east coast, Bauer can even things out. He's the executive food and wine editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, the newspaper in arguably the United State's foodiest city. 

Foodie Magazines 

This is a list of some of the most active foodie magazine Twitter feeds. - Food & Wine Magazine, @fandw, almost half a million followers
  • The Art of Eating, @ArtofEating, more than 16,000 followers - Bon Appetit Magazine, @bonappetit, more than 300,000 followers.
Author's Bio: This article was written by the Lewiston catering experts at Visit to learn more.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Save environment- buy Nokia Lumia 920

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CRT monitors and a number of other electronic devices form a large amount of junk that cannot be recycled. Now, companies are moving towards technologies that are not only efficient but also recyclable. For that they are making circuits and other hardware using recycle content. Nokia Lumia 920, a recent launch by Nokia, to share the Apple's iPhone's and Samsung Galaxy S III's market. But I just saw something that makes me prefer Nokia Lumia 920 over other smartphones. I am sharing the list of the environmental features of Nokia Lumia 920 below-


  • Made of renewable materials
  • Containing up to 60% recycled materials
  • Minimized package
  • Packaging is 100 % recyclable
  • Virgin wood fibres up to 100% certified


  • Free of BFR, rFR as in Nokia Subst. List
  • Free of PVC
  • Contains recycled metals
  • Free of nickel on the product surface


100% recoverable as materials and energy
User guide
  • Small printed guide, full on
  • In-device user guide
So, why not have a phone that runs Windows and is highly environment friendly. Save environment Save Earth.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

New promote button- Facebook

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Facebook seems to be playing hard to make Facebook a better platform for user as well as themselves. Facebooks now adds a new promote button for your post to highlight your posts. This is a paid service. This is a good approach, and is a perfect requirement after the ad click scam encountered on Facebook. Report said that 80% of ad click were generated by bots.

Moreover, reports also say that this year Google will collect a revenue higher than Facebook. Well, this one is a genuine war and requires a genuine response. And one response is here, the promote button.

My suggestions to Facebook is to add this button on Facebook fan pages, where it can amount to maximum revenue. Targeting general user is also good concept but that doesn't means you can leave out user that can provide a better response.

10 the most popular guest blogging mistakes

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Unedited, unfinished and un-proofread articles

Such articles are the most selfish form of blogging mistakes you can make because all they require is a little time and diligence on your part. Submitting poorly edited and badly proofed posts is the fastest way to get you a bad name on the internet.

Copied content

Submitting none unique (copied) content is not a mistake. It is rude, thoughtless and will result in multiple negative repercussions. It may not seem like other people can have much of an impact on your blog or website, but one angry person can write enough negative posts and anti-SEO to put you on the bottom of Google’s results for the next ten years.

Stale topics

Don’t write about stale topics. Going over old arguments and old topics without adding anything is boring, and will probably result in your post being rejected.

Non-catchy title

Picking a non-catchy or dull title is another common mistake. Many people put so much effort into their content and think that it will be enough. They forget that it is the title that sells the post in the first place. The content is the crowd pleaser, but title is what draws the crowd.

Poor quality content

Many people post their lesser quality items onto other people’s posts and keep the good quality stuff for themselves. If you have poor quality material, you should improve it, and then post it. Posting poor quality posts anywhere on the internet will come back and bite you later on. The same happens when you write a research paper carelessly and then you get bad mark.

Long blog post

A long post is not a bad thing. Sometimes there are topics that need good going over, nevertheless you should check to see if the long post is needed. Mentally bullet-point your work. If you have lots of bullet points with strong points held within, you may need a long post. If you can bullet point your work into a few bullet points, your work is over inflated and you will need to cut it down.

Too many links

Too many links is a common mistake. It makes the post harder to read and lowers the positive SEO effect. If you do this too often then your work will be marked as spam and your previous and current links will start to have a negative effect on the blogs that hold them, and the websites/pages that the links point to.

Wrong target blog

Targeting blogs that are not suitable is a silly mistake. You should be aware as to what your expertise is and where you are linking to. Trying to get onto a blog simply because it has a higher PageRank is silly and the webmaster/blog-master will simply refuse.
It gets worse if you become too ruthless and start nagging and begging to go onto their blog. You will lose any future contact with them, any of their current and future websites, and anybody they are affiliated with.

Repeat the topic

Do not suggest or write about topics that the blog has already covered. Unless you can offer an interesting, strong and engaging counter argument to one of their previous topics, the blog-master will refuse. It is not in their interest to rehash topics that have been done.Not selling your expertiseNot selling your expertise, writing ability or the website you are linking to is a common error. We often know our own ability and feel as if we project it well. We do not project it well at all. In-fact even famous writers have to grovel to the lowest of the low, just to get an audience. Do not forget to sell, sell, and sell yourself and all you have to offer.
Author's Bio: Written by Sonia Jackson. Welcome to my web-site

RSS zero subscriber count

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The entire blogosphere was shocked when they encountered zero RSS subscriber count. I tried searching the cause, and found this was a bug which caused this. Google team is currently fixing this. Below is the post from the official FeedBurner blog which shows that there is a bug and Google is currently working on it.

Known Issue: Subscriber Counts and Stats

Friday, September 21, 2012 | 9:26 AM
Issue: We have been encountering difficulties with our stats production pipeline for data representing Sept 19th and 20th, 2012. We are currently working to resolve the issue.
Some blogger do say that this issue can be resolved if you will use beta version of feed burner. It didn't helped me out, but you can give it a try. Wait patiently till Google team is fixing this.
I don't have high number of subscribers but when I saw this for the first time I believed that last article caused this. But now it is all good because I know that it is just an error. Feeling good again.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Change your notification preferences directly from notification tab in Facebook

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Another update from Facebook that will now give you privilege to Turn Off notifications from People as well as applications.

If you have any Facebook friend in your Close Friends list then you do receive every possible notification from that specific. Lets say, you have added wrong persons in your Close Friends list and you are receiving notification which you don't want to receive.

To do so, you have to open Close Friends list, then go to Manage List and then to Edit list. Now, the list will pop up in a windows and you are required to remove that person that you have wrongly added.

Now this is a hectic process and it applies to all of your Friends list. This new feature allows you to directly deal with this without jumping from one page to other. You just need to click the cross symbol that appears whenever you hover your cursor over the notification. It will ask you if you want to remove that person from the list.

It will also help you to unfollow your friends and stop receiving their updates. You can also Undo these changes. In case of application you can report app for spam in case there is any spam app that is being displayed in your notification area.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ejecting memory card in Android Devices

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Almost all mobile devices support SD cards. In windows and other OS there is an option to eject or safely remove external storage devices. In lower grade mobile devices there is no option to eject SD cards. But there is a procedure to do so and that is to shutdown your device and then remove or put in the SD card.

What is safely removal of external devices?

Well, it is all simple. Pulling out these external devices may cause damage to them because if it is being used by the system then the current is flowing through it and sudden removal means sudden change in flow of current. This won't happen every time you pull out the external devices without safely ejecting them. The ratio of damage is 1 in every 1000 attempt, now the thing is not that it is very rare but what if it happens and you lose your device as or maybe your important data.

How to safely remove SD Card in Android devices?

  1. Open menu.
  2. Goto Settings>SD card and phone storage.
  3. Select Unmount SD card.
  4. Unmounting will take some tome. After it is finished, Unmount option will change to Mount.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

How to Choose Between a Desktop and a Laptop

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Whether an individual is purchasing their first computer, or a replacement for a previous system, deciding between a desktop and laptop is no easy task. Here are some considerations from PC Tips World on purchasing a computer.

Upfront Costs

Not long ago, cost was a major factor in the decision between a desktop and laptop. Since basic laptops are more affordable, the decision can be more difficult. In general, a desktop will come with faster processing speeds and more hard drive space than a laptop for the same price. However, it cannot be assumed that a desktop comes standard with certain accessories or features. Most advertised prices for desktops do not include a monitor.

Desktop vs. Laptop: Portability and Space

A major deciding factor when purchasing a computer is determining the need for portability. Laptops are designed to be easily transported, considering their all-in-one design and rechargeable battery. Even if an individual has no intentions of carrying their laptop to work or school, or using it while traveling, there may be a need for portability. Laptops provide users with the flexibility of using a computer in various areas at home, which can be useful for individuals that spend long hours in front of the computer. The portability of a laptop can be convenient when needing to work in bed, or move to a quiet area. Larger laptops can be quite heavy to carry around for long periods of time, and their compact size makes them prone to accidents and theft.
Desktops need more space than laptops, even those that are designed as all-in-one systems or with slim towers. Another component when considering space is the size of the desk or table that will accommodate a desktop. Since desktops can be heavy, a sturdy table will be needed, which can be difficult in a confined space. Learn more about the benefits of desktops at

More Flexibility with Desktop Computers

Although both types of computers can last many years with proper maintenance, desktops provide more opportunities to grow with the changing needs of the user. Many individuals choose to upgrade their computer at some point, to increase memory, add or replace a hard drive or increase the capabilities of the computer. Upgrading a laptop can be more difficult and more expensive due to space limitations within the case of a laptop. In many situations it can be less expensive to replace a laptop entirely, than try to upgrade.
There are more options for different sizes and types of monitors when using a desktop. Having a large, good-quality monitor is beneficial for gaming, reading or for individuals with vision problems. Laptop users are limited to the attached monitor, or they may choose to add an external monitor, which eliminates portability.


Laptops are more prone to overheating than their desktop counterparts. Electrical components inside computers get hot and the closer they are to each other, the more heat they retain. Overheating of electrical components can potentially destroy a computer. It is not uncommon for a fan to stop working or not function properly, and need to be replaced. Desktop fans are less expensive and easier to install. Replacing the fan on a laptop may need to be done by a professional to avoid unintentional damage to the system. Seeking the services of a professional can substantially increase the cost of the replacement.
There are many benefits and disadvantages to purchasing a laptop or desktop. Considering the major factors when choosing between the two, can help individuals make an informed choice that meets their expectations.
Author bio: David works with Dell. He loves laptops and working on the go. Learn more about laptops here. When not working he enjoys hiking and writing about technology. 

Friday, 14 September 2012

5 Cooling Options for Data Centers

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Not every business requires the same solution.  Each company has its own particular set of needs for cabinet space, power and cooling.  A good Austin colocation facility will have already planned for this and can offer their partners various solutions in a customized format. One business might need twice as much power as another, yet a third could require ten times the cabinet space.  A good colocation partner needs to be in a position to provide for the specific and enhanced needs of each.

Power Systems

When exploring the various options Austin colocation facilities offer, business owners and technical staff should carefully consider the power infrastructure to ensure that it offers everything that they need.  A power system that is completely diverse and completely redundant is desirable.  Ideally the power entering the facility would stem from two completely different power substations. In the event of failure at one location, the other substation could continue to provide power.  The system should also be designed so that should repair or maintenance be needed, the facility can manually switch over to one power source without taking down power to their clients. Finally, every well-equipped Austin colocation data center should also have a fail-safe solution in place – in the form of a fuel operated generator and well-tested UPSs – that stand by in case of substation power failure.

Cooling Options

High Performance Computing is becoming a necessity for many companies looking to process information faster and keep the competitive advantage.  These High Performance Computing systems process information so quickly, they require considerably more cooling than standard servers.  These systems require data centers that have chilled water cooling as an option. A data center, however, should be designed to offer plenty of other cooling options, including:
  • Cold aisle
  • Hot aisle
  • Cabinet cooling
  • Chilled water cooling
  • Standard cooling
Any business that is not certain which type of cooling would be most ideal for their setup can consult with their Austin colocation partner’s expert staff. This staff is often trained to help customers design the best solution for their needs.  It is not advised to choose a colocation data center that only employs an air-cooled system. These systems do not cool as efficiently, and they draw considerably large amounts of power, which means prices are higher for customer. 
Along with a variety of cooling options, an Austin colocation facility needs to also offer redundancy.  Even if the network and the power remains up and stable, complete loss of the cooling system in a facility that houses so many servers would be detrimental to all businesses concerned.  A redundant system, built on independent water systems will ensure that whether it a disaster or routine maintenance requires a partial system shutdown, servers will still receive adequate cooling to remain operational. 
Author's Bio: William Bell writes articles about colocation and data centers in the Austin area.  William believes that the colocation service in Austin is a wise choice for many businesses. He encourages that companies should always think about customizable solutions that are tailored to meet their needs.  The Austin Data Center he recommends can be found at

Android Users Beware!

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As technology advances, criminals are also getting craftier. According to a McAfee research, hackers and other cyber criminals are now using mobile browsers to spread viruses and other malware. These criminals are implanting downloads in web pages that can be viewed on a mobile device.

The research found more than 4,500 new mobile malware during the second quarter of the year. Most of the malware discovered were designed for Symbian or Java ME. The Apple devices are still quite safe.

One malware that you should be on the lookout for is called ‘Android/NotCompatible.A’. This malware tricks a user into downloading a fake file. This fake file claims to be an Android system update.

It doesn’t stop there. Be careful with what you post on your Facebook accounts and other social media. These hackers tend to be systematical in their approach. First, they gather information about their target through the target’s social media sites. Facebook is at the top of the list as people in general reveal a lot of personal information there. These criminals don’t go for random victims. They are now more specific with whom they want to target.
If marketing people do targeted marketing, these hackers also do targeted hacking. For example, in Brazil, Belarus, Germany, Russia and India, the emails are flooded with drug spam. In France, there is an increase in emails about single women. While in America, email accounts receive fake email delivery errors.

These criminals study the lifestyle of a specific group. If you don’t have much technical knowledge, you can fall victim to one of their scams. Until antivirus companies develop a robust anti-malware program for mobile devices, you have to be vigilant.

What small businesses can do

If you are using tablets and smartphones in the office, make your employees aware of the dangers of downloading unknown files and apps. Downloads must be cleared by the IT team first. Make it known that violators will be seriously reprimanded depending on the damage done.

If there is an email asking for sensitive information regarding a client or project in the company, double check with the person who sent the email if he or she really sent the email. It’s better to put in the extra effort to avoid having confidential information stolen from you.

Limit Internet access and limit the number of people who have access to your mobile devices. Protect your devices with passwords and give the passwords only to people who are involved in a project. After you’re done with a project and you need to start with a new team, change the passwords.

Cybercriminals will always find a way to bring harm to people so everyone should take extra precaution when entering the World Wide Web. 
Author's Byline: Protect your company by installing secure office phone systems. Check out for more information.

Five Best Mobile Translation Apps For Businesses

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Developments in portable technology and the internet mean that the world is now smaller than ever. The availability of international travel and online communication mean that interacting with individuals in other countries is no longer a problem for businesses – unless they can’t speak the language of course.
In the modern world, it is naive to assume that everyone will understand English. Whilst it may be a prolific language, those with a basic understanding on the English language are unlikely to be comfortable negotiating in it when it comes to their company.
Anyone looking to master international business will first need to consider their language skills and, with smartphones and computer tablets the latest must-have gadgets, it is only natural that translation apps are a prime area of focus for these individuals.

1. Babelshot

This is perfect for those looking to translate text, as the app converts a snapshot of text into your chosen language. Businesses rely on documentation and often the written format of a language is vastly different to its spoken form. Being able to accurately translate the written word is therefore an essential skill which all businessmen or women should have at their disposal.

2. Jibbingo

When it comes to conversing with your business associates, stumbling through rudimentary knowledge of each other’s’ languages can be a painful and trying experience. Instead of struggling with these poor attempts at communication, apps such as Jibbingo can translate your conversation for you. All you need to do is speak normally and the app will translate what you say and repeat it in the appropriate language. The response of your partner is then translated back into English for your benefit – perfect.

3. Email translator

This BlackBerry app is perfect for those who receive emails from across the water. The translation is not perfect but it will give an immediate indication of what you mail is about. This is perfect for those accessing these files on the go or during busy periods when the time spent translating emails could be better spent elsewhere.

4. Google translate

This app works in the same way as the web based system, offering high powered translation services for international use. There is also an extensive dictionary function which offers detailed definitions and all previous phrase searches are saved in the history so that you can access them with greater ease if they’re needed in the future.

5.Trippo Mondo Voice Translator

This is the perfect app for those who are unsure about how they want to manage their international conversations, offering the chance to speak the translation yourself or have it played by the phone. Approximately 30 languages are supported, making it a great option.
Author's Bio: Julia Byrne is an experienced translator working for EVS Translations – financials translations company. With more than ten years of experience in the field of financial and business translations, Julia is an avid traveller who is dedicated to helping users get the most from their international business ventures through natural communication and accurate translation.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Can You Trust Old Computers On eBay

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People today can buy used or old computer models on eBay. Everything from laptops and netbooks to desktops are sold here. Not every computer on eBay is reliable or working. However, there are some great deals on working computers if people know what to look for. Carefully reading product descriptions, researching sellers, and reading return policies ensures that shoppers can find and trust old computers on eBay. The following are some tips for how to buy an old computer on eBay.

Go in with a Plan

People should know the type, random access memory (RAM), processor speed, and brand of a computer they want to buy. This makes it easier to narrow down the choices. eBay is full of old computers for sale. Having a working idea of one’s needs helps users sift through all of the choices. Every brand and type of computer under the sun is sold on this website. It’s easier to browse for great deals on old computers if a specific model is in mind.

Description of the Computers

The description says a lot about computers for sale on eBay. The more detail, the more reliable a seller can be. Quality sellers include information about scratches and cracks on the machine, information about the display (i.e. are there any dead pixels), and content about the machine’s battery life. Buyers should know if the computer comes with any accessories and what operating system and software is installed on the model. If a description is vague or seems too good to be true, it’s time to look for other options. Old computers sold on eBay should have some wear and tear. It is rare that older models are in pristine condition.

Clear Images of the Model

A photograph says a lot about old computers sold on eBay. This image should be sharp and should show the model at different angels. This is a chance for people to see the old computer that is up for sale. Any image that comes from the manufacturer or is dark suggests that the seller is hiding the real model from view.

Warranty and Return Information

Some warranties are transferable. It is important to inquire if a model still has a warranty and what is or is not included. Similarly, buyers should ask about the seller’s return policy. This policy should be clear and specific. Most sellers give people a week from receipt of the model to return an old computer. Shoppers should pay attention to who pays for shipping if a computer is returned.

Look into Shipping Costs

Old computers are usually heavy, which is why buyers should consider shipping costs. An older computer could be sold for a low price only to come with a hefty shipping charge. It’s important to pay attention to the location of the seller and to ask questions about the safety of the model during transport.


Different sellers have different ratings and reviews, .It is important to buy old computers from people who have a solid eBay rating. If previous customers have posted complaints, it might be wise to work with other sellers. People should pay attention to the types of items people sell on eBay. If a red flag appears, it is wise to move on to other listings.

Be on the Alert for Scams

There are scam artists on eBay. Knowing red flags protects buyers from harm. If a seller asks people to send cash or directly wire him or her money, then it could be a scam. Experienced sellers accept payment via PayPal.
Research is important if people want to buy trustworthy old computers on eBay. There are some great models up for sale. Proceeding with caution is smart if customers want to protect themselves. The more a person knows about the model for sale and the seller's history, the better off he or she will be.
Author's Bio: Article written by Jet Russell. Jet is a serial guest blogger and is always contributing with guest blog posts on a variety of topics including things like Internet marketing and computer efficiency and effectiveness.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Five Reasons Why You Should Do a Online Will Today

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In a day and age when technology is quickly changing and evolving, it is not surprising that creating an online will is now easier than ever. Creating an online will is an excellent idea for just about anyone in walk of life and can be completed quickly and easily. With a few clicks of a mouse you can have your own, certified, notarized, will that can help to make your passing a bit easier for those that are left behind. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider an online will and they are as follows.

It is Easy:

Creating an online will is far easier than going to a lawyer and notary and having a paper one drawn up. While having a traditional paper will drawn up is still the most common route for many people, creating an online will is simple. You can quickly and easily create an online will in as few minutes. With most online will services you can simply create your will based on a series of questions that the service asks you. These questions are thorough and formulated by a legal team that understands what you need to include in your will.

It is Fast:

Creating a paper will generally takes at least a few days as you have to create it and have it notarized and officiated before it becomes legally binding. With an online will you can quickly add what you think is important and create a will that is succinct and to the point. You can have your will completed in as little as an hour and it is legally binding. Rather than waiting for a lawyer’s office to complete it for you, you can have ultimate control over your newly created will.

It is Inexpensive:

In order to have a paper will drawn up by a lawyer you can expect to pay hundreds as it is necessary to pay the lawyer for his time and services. You must also pay the notary for their time and services and you must pay a series of offices to get your will officiated. With a traditional will you can end up paying hundreds to get a good solid will, with an online will you can expect to pay around $100 for these services.

You Can Complete it At Home:

For homebound individuals getting up to a legal office or the court house is difficult and may not be completely logical. By creating a will online you can work from the privacy of your home without having to travel to complete your will. Rather than having to take time out of your schedule which may be hectic, you can create your will any time of day or night at your own convenience.

It is Completely Legal:

You can draw up a will all you want but without having it officiated you may not have a binding contract. An online will is totally binding and easy to access in the event of your death. Your family can quickly and easily get your will and it is 100% legal and binding.
Creating an online will is an excellent option for those busy individuals that just want to make sure their family knows what to do in the event of their death. You can find out more about online wills through just about any legal site out there. Completing your will does not have to be difficult if you just know where to start.
Author's Bio: Alen writes financial articles for publications in UK, desicssing things as savings, investments and How to make a will.

Three Great Ways to Market your Local Business Online

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The internet is far and away one of the best avenues for business promotion that exists in today’s world – and yet many businesses are failing to take advantage of it. In this article we’ll discuss a few excellent ways to promote and market your business online with very little (if any) monetary investment required.

Leverage the Power of Social Networks

Social media websites are here to stay (for the short-term, at least) and that means that your business needs to build a presence on all of the major ones. If you market to consumers, your first step should be getting on to Facebook and Twitter; if you are more of a business-to-business operation then you’ll probably want to head straight to LinkedIn, which is seen as more of a “professional” social network. Regardless, task an intern with building your social media profiles, or outsource this to a company that specializes in it.

Build your Own Email List for Amazing Results

If there was ever an “old saying” to be made about marketing on the internet, it would probably sound something like “He who has the best email list will win the marketing game”. A business has very little time to capture the attention of visitors to its website, and even less time to convince them to make a purchase. If this goal can’t be accomplished, then at the bare minimum an attempt to capture that visitor’s email address should be made somewhere. Whether it’s through offering a discount coupon, a contest entry or some free item, getting someone’s email address allows for major future marketing potential and that person may be convinced to make a purchase at some point in the future.

Participate in Every Community Related to your Niche

The internet is awash with various communities ranging from smaller, niche-focused social media websites to forum groups to blogs and many more. Every community and website that exists in your niche deserves to have some attention put to it, whether through consistently posting answers to questions, sharing new product information or just commenting on blog posts. It’s important to remember to stay away from trying to sell to these users; show yourself as an expert and allow them to make the decision to purchase from your business. There you have it – three ways to make an excellent online impression for your business and brand. Now get one of your marketing team tasked to attacking these areas and reap the benefits!
Author's Bio: Mia works at a Boston marketing agency that speclizes in helping companies and large non-profits install, and optimize their marketing software automation systems such as Aprimo Amp. She also is the coach of her son's little soccer team.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Google Adsense ad unit for mobile

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This is no tutorial. Just an article that will let you know a bit about ad units by Google Adsense. I was surfing on mobile, I had my own blog open to check mobile template. An I found a very intelligent feature that mobile ad units offer.

Just below the address bar you can find a mobile ad unit by Google Adsense because I use only Adsense.
The ad unit when clicked enlarges the two buttons. Now you can use these buttons to access the ad link via your browser or you can call the advertiser. When call button is used a number will automatically get displayed on your dialer screen. Now, you can choose to call or cancel it.
Well, the mobile ad unit is made very different with this call features. Maybe you have or will have a company of your own some day, at that time you can try this feature.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Android Device Shortcuts

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Android devices offers various numbers of shortcuts. Some use shortcuts for easy access others use it for showoff.
  • Operative Shortcuts- shortcuts are the only way to use a particular features. 
  • Additional shortcuts- are those which can be operated by using the menu, but you can also access them using shortcuts.

Operative Shortcuts

Pinch Zoom- This one is very common and famous as well. You can pinch screen to zoom in and zoom out text sizes and images.
Add to Home Screen- You can add Widget, Shortcuts, Folders and Wallpapers to your home Screen by a menu which is accessed by tapping and holding the screen.
Recently opened apps- Press and hold hone screen button and a window will pop up showing 6 recent apps that you have opened. It will display only recent apps not any document. It also has a Task Bar button.

Additional Shortcuts

G Search- G Search is an application. This can be launched by pressing and holding menu key when on home screen or menu screen.
App Search- If you have any application(s) that offers search functionality then the G Search shortcut will launch the search box for that specific application. The following apps offer search functionality-
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Gmail
  • Quickoffice
  • YouTube
  • Google Talk
  • Google Play
  • Pinterest
  • and more...
click to enlarge
Pinch Navigate for menu- You can pinch the menu screen and the screen will zoom out and show upto four screens at a time. App icons become very small and unclear but can be easily recognized. You can swipe the menu screens up an down to navigate.
Pinch Edit for Home Screen- You can pinch when on Home Screen and the Home Screen will zoom out. You can now remove, add or interchange the position of the home screen(s) new screens.
Page number navigation- If you are using any android device for some time now, then you do have a lot of applications installed. These application are arranged in pages. To navigate you generally swipe instead you can tap the page bullets on top.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Know these terms before having custom template design

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When ever you go to a designer to get a custom template designed you must know some things in web designing. I don't say to use this knowledge to argue but to stay calm and better understand, what the designer wants to say. This will serve as a source of common sense and prevent yourself from getting fooled only because the designer don't has proper knowledge or because you have a low budget project and he/she wants to make you go away as quickly as possible. Well generally this don't happens because their work grows better only because of your recommendations to other.


A design is responsive when it adjusts its width in accordance to the browser window size. According to the limits of responsiveness the template can be-
  1. Non-responsive- Remains of same dimensions and do not responds to change in browser size.
  2. Semi-responsive- Responds to browser sizes, but not completely. Template gets re-sized till some extent.
  3. Fully-responsive- Responds to browser size completely. Template will get re-sized up to the smartphone's dimensions.


Sharebar are quite common and are very necessary to let the content spread easily by providing the users with easily accessible share buttons for various social websites. They are of two type-
  1. Fixed sharebar- Do not scrolls down with the page.
  2. Floating sharebar- In HTML codes the position of sharebar is marked as fixed and the sharebar remains at a fixed position. It scrolls down with the page.
You can have the share buttons inside the post page, and in between the content too.


Cascading Style Sheets are used to define how HTML elements will be displayed.

Type of template-

You can get your template designed using different languages like HTML, PHP, XML. If done with effort no one can distinguish which template is done in which language. On a website a encountered one wordpress template, it was highly appreciated by the commenters. I downloaded it in a jiffy and when I saw the codes, I found it was done in simple pure HTML though it looked like PHP based template.
Wordpress templates is designed using PHP whereas Blogger templates are designed using XML.
  1. Static Web page- delivered to the user in the same form in which they are stored.
  2. Dynamic Web page- delivered to the user after being interpreted on the server. WordPress uses PHP which is a server side scripting language, the web page requested is first interpreted from php into HTML and then send to the user.

Related post widget- 

In blogging world, related post widget is a very essential element. It keeps the user engaged by letting him/her peek on other related articles. This reduces bounce rate and helps in getting higher number of page-view per person/user.


Another important aspect of successful blogs is its sidebar. Sidebar can be on right as well as left, but it is preferred to be on right side. Sidebar lets you have additional widget content and features. Sidebar can be entirely neglected but that is preferred in case of personal blog, public release blogs, etc.


RSS means Rich Site Summary. RSS allows regular visitors to subscribe and get new posts published, directly in their inbox.

Friday, 7 September 2012

How to update Android devices

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First of all, this article discusses updating Android on Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos running Android 2.3.6. But after reading this you will be able to update Android in any device running Android OS.

See what you are using

Access Menu from home screen.
  1. Go to Settings> About Phone.
  2. At the bottom of About Phone you will find Model Number, Android Version, Baseband Version, Kernel Version and Build Number.
After applying update Baseband version, Kernel Version and Build Number will change. The first five characters in baseband version is the model number.

How to update?

  1. Go to About Phone again, and the top menu is Software Update, tap it.
  2. Now first thing first, there is a checkbox named WiFi only it is checked by default. When it is checked it won't allow you to download software update unless you are connected to internet via WiFi. Some people think that it is because software updates are of very large sizes. But WiFi only is there to prevent data usage cost, if you have a proper internet package then you can uncheck it.
  3. Click update. It will connect to server and check for appropriate software update available. If available, it will start downloading automatically. Cancelling or incomplete downloads due to connection problems will not cause any problem.
  4. After completing download, it will show two options Install now and Install Later.
  5. The phone will reboot and now the installation will go on.
Update files are like 6Mb, 1.15Mb, etc. never very large. Apart from downloading which depends on you net speed, the rest installation will take 5-7 minutes maximum, and that too because it will reboot. Phones can be updated with even 2G connectivity only download will take time rest all is same.
The core Android is same for all devices like Samsung, HTC, Micromax, etc. So you can now update any device running on Android.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone drop tests

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Samsung Galaxy S3 has given a tough competition to iPhone 4S. While searching YouTube I founf these drop tests, and they are fun to watch. In these tests both smartphones were dropped with different angles and their strength were compared. Well maximum of population can not afford these  smartphones but they can watch it being broken.

Both of these videos are from YouTube and are created by Android Authority and Electronics Break respectively.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

8 Social Media Apps You Need to Use

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Social networks have apps.
Social networks have apps. They can perform a wide array of activities and simplify tasks. Most people don’t realize that social networks have apps, and those that do don’t realize how many are out there or what they can do.
If you have yet to use an app on your Facebook account, you need to give them a try, and the following are eight of the best apps out there.

Google Maps

Google Maps truly is everywhere, and it’s also an app for Facebook. Google Maps can help your following find the actual location of your business. You can place it on your profile and allow customers to know where to find your business.


It seems silly that a social network will be an app for another social network, but Pinterest is, and you should use it on your other social networks. Your Pinterest page will be added to your Facebook business page, and your following will be able to see your Pinterest activity.


If you have a YouTube channel, get the app and have your channel’s feed placed on Facebook. This will help your Facebook following stay in the loop with your videos and allow you to promote your channel on multiple platforms.


You have the ability to use a Twitter app on your Facebook page that allows your following to receive your tweets on your Facebook page. This is a great way to keep your Facebook page engaged with everything that you share on all social media networks.

RSS for Pages

If you have a blog, you need RSS for Pages. This will allow your blog content to be posted directly to your Facebook account. Now you’ll have no need to share the content once it’s posted to your blog, as it will already be spread to your Facebook account.


Use the Reviews app to allow your Facebook following to leave reviews on your business, products or services. Real reviews from real clients will help prove the credibility of your business, and good reviews will get more customers interested in your business.


Everyone enjoys a good poll now and then, and SurveyMonkey can help you create polls that make your page more interactive. You can also use the polls to get customer feedback and learn more about what your customers are looking for.

Customize Your Own

You can hire an agency to build you your own customized app. You can create an app to do just about anything, from holding a contest to selling a product.
Apps are a great way to push more content to your Facebook page without needing to come up with something new and clever everyday. If you have a Facebook page for your business, you should definitely invest in these apps to help you generate content and build relationships with your following. Plus, it allows your followers to learn more about other social networks you're on, and you may get them to follow you on multiple channels, increasing their loyalty to your brand.
Author's Bio: Sarah Dunbar works for the online marketing team at SEOMap.  To learn more about their work click here.