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10 the most popular guest blogging mistakes

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Unedited, unfinished and un-proofread articles

Such articles are the most selfish form of blogging mistakes you can make because all they require is a little time and diligence on your part. Submitting poorly edited and badly proofed posts is the fastest way to get you a bad name on the internet.

Copied content

Submitting none unique (copied) content is not a mistake. It is rude, thoughtless and will result in multiple negative repercussions. It may not seem like other people can have much of an impact on your blog or website, but one angry person can write enough negative posts and anti-SEO to put you on the bottom of Google’s results for the next ten years.

Stale topics

Don’t write about stale topics. Going over old arguments and old topics without adding anything is boring, and will probably result in your post being rejected.

Non-catchy title

Picking a non-catchy or dull title is another common mistake. Many people put so much effort into their content and think that it will be enough. They forget that it is the title that sells the post in the first place. The content is the crowd pleaser, but title is what draws the crowd.

Poor quality content

Many people post their lesser quality items onto other people’s posts and keep the good quality stuff for themselves. If you have poor quality material, you should improve it, and then post it. Posting poor quality posts anywhere on the internet will come back and bite you later on. The same happens when you write a research paper carelessly and then you get bad mark.

Long blog post

A long post is not a bad thing. Sometimes there are topics that need good going over, nevertheless you should check to see if the long post is needed. Mentally bullet-point your work. If you have lots of bullet points with strong points held within, you may need a long post. If you can bullet point your work into a few bullet points, your work is over inflated and you will need to cut it down.

Too many links

Too many links is a common mistake. It makes the post harder to read and lowers the positive SEO effect. If you do this too often then your work will be marked as spam and your previous and current links will start to have a negative effect on the blogs that hold them, and the websites/pages that the links point to.

Wrong target blog

Targeting blogs that are not suitable is a silly mistake. You should be aware as to what your expertise is and where you are linking to. Trying to get onto a blog simply because it has a higher PageRank is silly and the webmaster/blog-master will simply refuse.
It gets worse if you become too ruthless and start nagging and begging to go onto their blog. You will lose any future contact with them, any of their current and future websites, and anybody they are affiliated with.

Repeat the topic

Do not suggest or write about topics that the blog has already covered. Unless you can offer an interesting, strong and engaging counter argument to one of their previous topics, the blog-master will refuse. It is not in their interest to rehash topics that have been done.Not selling your expertiseNot selling your expertise, writing ability or the website you are linking to is a common error. We often know our own ability and feel as if we project it well. We do not project it well at all. In-fact even famous writers have to grovel to the lowest of the low, just to get an audience. Do not forget to sell, sell, and sell yourself and all you have to offer.
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