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Comparison of Map My tracks and Endurance Sports Apps

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First of all, there are certain posts that require a little more technical explanation, so if you'll excuse me, I think it is useful to explain some initial concepts that you can use to understand the application of which I will review today.

What is Map My Tracks?

If you like sports then android apps like Map my Tracks  provide options to  track our usual exercise routine, updating it to a unique profile on the Internet, can make a map of the route we when we go running or cycling, plus two dozen inbuilt different sports by default.
It also has a social function that allows us to share our way of exercise (eg useful when we are participating in a race), allows family and friends to encourage and post to Twitter or Facebook both at the beginning and end of the test. Furthermore, we uncover new training routes between those used by the user community.

So what is Endurance?

Endurance version offers less memory and battery consumption of android phone during our exercise routine. It may seem like bullshit if we don’t spend  much time in exercise, because we can take the phone after exercise and charge it but what if we run a marathon or a triathlon?
This version is designed for a minimum expenditure of battery, so that its duration is extended as much as possible, so we can keep track of competitions to dilate further in time, such as marathons or triathlons I mentioned in the previous section. Note that the fact of being constantly connected to the GPS and waiting online data can make a dent in our battery and leave us with the mobile dead soon. So this version is a great idea for those endurance athletes.

Comparison of Endurance and Map My Tracks

It completely depends upon how you intend to use it. Full options of Map My Tracks are only available in pro version.  So if we want to pay, it costs less than a euro, is very light and works well.
However, it has a couple of negatives, which are also noteworthy. For one Endurance supports many accessories to help us in our exercise (heart rate monitors, sportswear, suitcase nukes ...) while MMT currently only supports a heart rate monitor model, on the other  the competitor (I'm tired of writing the same name over and over again) has a fast and stable web interface while MMT gives enough problems, running erratically and repeatedly failing to the user registration process.
Author  Bio: Daniel writes about Technology and Gadgets and has vast experience in updating android phones with custom ROMs and firmware by rooting. He done a post on method to Unlock Galaxy S3 SIM for free using a custom developed app. He is also a member of various development forums and blogs.

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