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Five Best Mobile Translation Apps For Businesses

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Developments in portable technology and the internet mean that the world is now smaller than ever. The availability of international travel and online communication mean that interacting with individuals in other countries is no longer a problem for businesses – unless they can’t speak the language of course.
In the modern world, it is naive to assume that everyone will understand English. Whilst it may be a prolific language, those with a basic understanding on the English language are unlikely to be comfortable negotiating in it when it comes to their company.
Anyone looking to master international business will first need to consider their language skills and, with smartphones and computer tablets the latest must-have gadgets, it is only natural that translation apps are a prime area of focus for these individuals.

1. Babelshot

This is perfect for those looking to translate text, as the app converts a snapshot of text into your chosen language. Businesses rely on documentation and often the written format of a language is vastly different to its spoken form. Being able to accurately translate the written word is therefore an essential skill which all businessmen or women should have at their disposal.

2. Jibbingo

When it comes to conversing with your business associates, stumbling through rudimentary knowledge of each other’s’ languages can be a painful and trying experience. Instead of struggling with these poor attempts at communication, apps such as Jibbingo can translate your conversation for you. All you need to do is speak normally and the app will translate what you say and repeat it in the appropriate language. The response of your partner is then translated back into English for your benefit – perfect.

3. Email translator

This BlackBerry app is perfect for those who receive emails from across the water. The translation is not perfect but it will give an immediate indication of what you mail is about. This is perfect for those accessing these files on the go or during busy periods when the time spent translating emails could be better spent elsewhere.

4. Google translate

This app works in the same way as the web based system, offering high powered translation services for international use. There is also an extensive dictionary function which offers detailed definitions and all previous phrase searches are saved in the history so that you can access them with greater ease if they’re needed in the future.

5.Trippo Mondo Voice Translator

This is the perfect app for those who are unsure about how they want to manage their international conversations, offering the chance to speak the translation yourself or have it played by the phone. Approximately 30 languages are supported, making it a great option.
Author's Bio: Julia Byrne is an experienced translator working for EVS Translations – financials translations company. With more than ten years of experience in the field of financial and business translations, Julia is an avid traveller who is dedicated to helping users get the most from their international business ventures through natural communication and accurate translation.
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  2. I'd rather prefer human translation even though it takes time the result is more effective than machine translation. Further we can't be very lose when it comes to business.