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Android Device Shortcuts

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Android devices offers various numbers of shortcuts. Some use shortcuts for easy access others use it for showoff.
  • Operative Shortcuts- shortcuts are the only way to use a particular features. 
  • Additional shortcuts- are those which can be operated by using the menu, but you can also access them using shortcuts.

Operative Shortcuts

Pinch Zoom- This one is very common and famous as well. You can pinch screen to zoom in and zoom out text sizes and images.
Add to Home Screen- You can add Widget, Shortcuts, Folders and Wallpapers to your home Screen by a menu which is accessed by tapping and holding the screen.
Recently opened apps- Press and hold hone screen button and a window will pop up showing 6 recent apps that you have opened. It will display only recent apps not any document. It also has a Task Bar button.

Additional Shortcuts

G Search- G Search is an application. This can be launched by pressing and holding menu key when on home screen or menu screen.
App Search- If you have any application(s) that offers search functionality then the G Search shortcut will launch the search box for that specific application. The following apps offer search functionality-
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Gmail
  • Quickoffice
  • YouTube
  • Google Talk
  • Google Play
  • Pinterest
  • and more...
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Pinch Navigate for menu- You can pinch the menu screen and the screen will zoom out and show upto four screens at a time. App icons become very small and unclear but can be easily recognized. You can swipe the menu screens up an down to navigate.
Pinch Edit for Home Screen- You can pinch when on Home Screen and the Home Screen will zoom out. You can now remove, add or interchange the position of the home screen(s) new screens.
Page number navigation- If you are using any android device for some time now, then you do have a lot of applications installed. These application are arranged in pages. To navigate you generally swipe instead you can tap the page bullets on top.

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