Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Dynamic View in Blogger for mobile

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Dynamic View is now available for mobile devices. By the time only classic view is made available as it was best for mobile devices. This classic dynamic template is not only good looking but also provides a user with a number of functionalists as well as better loading time. The home page generated while using this template don't shows thumbnail of images in the articles, and this helps in faster loading.


Currently dynamic view is compatible with default browsers like Internet for Android, etc. The web page opens up in Opera Mini but it don't works properly. Some minor layout errors can be fixed by turning Off "Single Column View" in Opera Mini.


  • Search Box- Dynamic View has a search box present at top rights corner of the web page.
  • Social Sharing buttons- Every articles ends with three social buttons, twitter, facebook like and g+. The best thing is that the counts load when the user scrolls down, this late count load lowers average loading time as well as bounce rate. Facebook likes and g+ requires greater time to be done as compared to tweet, but only if you have twitter application installed as the app can be launched after pressing the tweet button.
  • RSS Feed- There is a RSS feed subscribing button that allows you to view RSS feed or add them in your google reader.
  • Auto Load- Dynamic View offers auto loading more articles when a user scrolls down to bottom.


  • Full articles won't get displayed if blog feed is not allowed to full.
  • Facebook's social button counter overlaps the border if screen width is smaller then 328 pixels.

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