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Ejecting memory card in Android Devices

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Almost all mobile devices support SD cards. In windows and other OS there is an option to eject or safely remove external storage devices. In lower grade mobile devices there is no option to eject SD cards. But there is a procedure to do so and that is to shutdown your device and then remove or put in the SD card.

What is safely removal of external devices?

Well, it is all simple. Pulling out these external devices may cause damage to them because if it is being used by the system then the current is flowing through it and sudden removal means sudden change in flow of current. This won't happen every time you pull out the external devices without safely ejecting them. The ratio of damage is 1 in every 1000 attempt, now the thing is not that it is very rare but what if it happens and you lose your device as or maybe your important data.

How to safely remove SD Card in Android devices?

  1. Open menu.
  2. Goto Settings>SD card and phone storage.
  3. Select Unmount SD card.
  4. Unmounting will take some tome. After it is finished, Unmount option will change to Mount.

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