Monday, 10 September 2012

Google Adsense ad unit for mobile

| Monday, September 10, 2012 | |

This is no tutorial. Just an article that will let you know a bit about ad units by Google Adsense. I was surfing on mobile, I had my own blog open to check mobile template. An I found a very intelligent feature that mobile ad units offer.

Just below the address bar you can find a mobile ad unit by Google Adsense because I use only Adsense.
The ad unit when clicked enlarges the two buttons. Now you can use these buttons to access the ad link via your browser or you can call the advertiser. When call button is used a number will automatically get displayed on your dialer screen. Now, you can choose to call or cancel it.
Well, the mobile ad unit is made very different with this call features. Maybe you have or will have a company of your own some day, at that time you can try this feature.

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  1. This is indeed awesome as i have been wondering how i can monetize my site especially when its viewed on mobile .Thanks

  2. Well responsive ad units have been approved by Google Adsense, in case you have a responsive blog template.
    The above ad units won't work good because of the weird positioning of the ad unit. And especially when you are using blogger with custom ad unit implemented using codes generated via Adsense.