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Hiking GPS Review for 2012

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This hiking GPS review for 2012 will serve as a guide for people who want to find the best gear available. Whether you need a mid-range or high-end model, you have several products on the market that will meet your needs. Products in either category allow you to download maps of national parks and popular hiking trails so you can easily plan your trip.

The Garmin Nuvi 1690

Garmin leads the industry with several handy GPS devices. This manufacturer produces lightweight gadgets with a long battery life. The Garmin Nuvi 1690 is ideal for both hiking and automotive applications so your money stretches further. It has a battery life of four hours and gives you access to maps for routes all across North America.
With this gadget, you have access to real-time content and local search information via Google. While you are driving to your hiking spot, you receive lane assistance with junction view. It allows for hands-free calling and gives you audible instructions. This model is the best on the market in terms of cost and value. The price is set at just under $118. 

The Tom Tom VIA 1505 TM

The Tom Tom VIA 1505 TM is compact and measures only five inches. It is suitable for hiking and driving and gives you free live traffic updates for life. It provides you with map updates so you have the most current information on routes in Mexico, Canada and the United States.
At just under $145, the Tom Tom VIA 1505 TM is more expensive than Garmin’s Nuvi 1690. The advantage is that it gives you information on a few more roads than the other brands. You can also download updates that are posted by other users in the Tom Tom community and add these to your map.

The Nike + Sportwatch GPS

The Nike + Sportwatch GPS is ideal for people who do not want to carry too many gadgets around with them. It is an attractive watch and a good GPS receiver but it can be a little too bulky for people who are slim. It will show you the distance that you have hiked and you can display your journey and get a wide variety of statistics on it, including your pace.

This device unlike all those mentioned previously is completely waterproof. You do not have to worry about your equipment failing you if you get caught in a storm or have to swim across a river. The Nike + Sportwatch GPS is rugged and dependable and costs just under $145.
Author's Bio: This post was supplied on behalf of Simply Hike – The online Camping Supplies store and UK stockist of Hunter wellies.

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