Thursday, 27 September 2012

Stumble Upon launches beta version

| Thursday, September 27, 2012 | |

As I stated before in one of my previous article that 2012 can be marked as Era of Cyber Updates, as a number of top online portals and websites are busy changing, retouching and redesigning their user interface. In the article I discussed a number of top online portals that have already gone under changes. Now, one more social media website Stumble Upon is busy doing the same and has launched a beta version which will be the future alpha version of stumble upon.

Basic conceptual looks and feel, are just like Pinterest.A colored bar metric, named StumbleDNA, is there that shows what percent of your likes are from which category. Like currently my likes are 35% computer, 12% outdoors, 5%media, and so on. Stumble Upon's official defines this StumbleDNA map as a way of expressing yourself by expressing what you like.

The best part is profile section shows Likes, Followers, Interest, etc. You can now have a look at who liked your submissions, an excellent feature for for bloggers. The stumble bar remains unchanged. Well it don't requires to be changed untill there is an entirely new way to Stumble.

The home page after login, displays content to stumble in accordance to four different filters based on the user interest, activity, trending stories, lists of other users.

To enhance following Stumble Upon has a Follow section that shows Interests, Stumblers, Lists and Channels to follow or you can use search bar to search any specific interest, user, list or channel. But the searches will be performed using the above four categories as filters.

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